Gadget GoGo – One of UK’s Fastest Growing Tech Recycling Companies See Trade-Ins Skyrocket As The Cost-Of-Living Crisis Hits Home

Gadget GoGo is one of the fastest-growing tech-recyclers in the UK. Whether you’re buying or selling, the growing company is able to compete with some of the biggest players in the market due to their outstanding reputation and excellent value for money. The brand established itself in 2019 and has been buying and recycling old tech ever since, and have recently added a repairs service into their business.
St Neots, UK: According to announcements released by Gadget GoGo and founder Sam Wilson, the company has seen a boom in interest in 2022 which they understand to be a direct result of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Their trade-in site ( has never been busier and their online shop ( has seen steady growth as people look for more affordable alternatives to expensive tech. 
Gadget GoGo has a fair grading system for people looking to sell their old tech and with a simple online process and free postage it’s easy to understand why they’re one of the fastest-growing tech recyclers in the country. What’s more, is that users can have cash in their bank within 48hrs which is more than appealing as people’s finances are being hit by the rising cost of living.
As people look to cut back on the non-essentials tech including Apple Watches and AirPods are fast-becoming popular trade-ins. With the economy shrinking, inflation soaring and a recession looming, people are constantly looking to become more frugal. For those strapped for cash, sites like Gadget GoGo, offer an alternative to high-interest loans and debt.
The eco-friendly start-up has been on a mission since 2019 to do whatever it can to prevent perfectly good gadgets from ending up in landfills and one way it’s been doing that is through the refurbished side of the business. Every device sold to Gadget GoGo will go through stringent testing before being sold on to people looking for a deal.
With the economic downturn in full swing, those seeking great value on technology have quickly come to trust the Gadget GoGo online shop for Apple products which often come in at a fraction of the price of a new item, yet deliver the same great experience. 
Sam Wilson, founder, Gadget GoGo, said, “With the economy shrinking, inflation soaring and people’s finances being stretched to the limit, there is unprecedented demand for services which provide value for money. We as a business strive to offer people a place where they can sell their old tech for a great price, but also, with our shop, give them a place where they can buy tech at a fair price. We’ve even just launched a repairs service which can help increase the lifecycle of tech. By delivering across the cycle, we try to stop as many gadgets as possible from ending up in a landfill.
At Gadget GoGo, we provide high-quality recycled tech. Whether you’re looking for a refurbished Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, then you’re in the right place. We strive to make our second-hand tech affordable. We don’t just focus on the affordability of our tech; our team ensures that every gadget we sell is thoroughly tested. Whether it’s a refurbished iPad from 10 years ago or the newest iPhone or Apple Watch, every item is rigorously tested, so we know you won’t be disappointed.
We believe in it so much that we offer a free 12-month warranty with every single order.” 

About the Company:

Gadget GoGo is a company that buys, sells and repairs gadgets. Since 2019, it has been buying iPods, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and thoroughly tests and sells these items. 

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