What is Toilet Bubbling and Should I Be Worried?

Have you heard strange noises coming from your toilet? Perhaps this is when you flush the toilet or even randomly throughout the day. This is what a lot of people refer to as toilet bubbling. While it might seem like a funny name, if you have this, it is not a laughing matter. In fact, it can turn into something serious quickly. So, let’s take a closer look at toilet bubbling and why you should be worried and not delay. 

What is Toilet Bubbling?

Toilet bubbling or gurgling is the noise that is emitted from the toilet when there is negative air pressure present in the drain pipes. It can happen immediately after you have flushed the toilet and the water might not go down straight away. Alternatively, the gurgling might occur during the day when nobody is using it.

A lot of people ask, will I notice the toilet bubbling? The answer is yes. This is a very obvious noise that would not have existed before. It differs from the flush noise and it sounds like something is going on. Well, the truth is, this noise can occur because there is a blockage in the drain.

Should I Be Concerned?

So, is toilet gurgling really something to worry about? A lot of homeowners assume because it is just a noise, it is not very important. They are more likely to do something about the problem if the water is refusing the flush or if another issue exists. But, the truth is, toilet bubbling is something you should be worried about. Again, it often happens when there is a blockage.

The best thing you can do at this point is to call a professional drainage company. This is going to get the issue dealt with straight away and ensure that nothing else goes wrong. For example, you can call the team at FS Drainage. There are expects available to handle your issue 24/7, which means that you will not have to wait long for the blockage to be cleared. Plus, this is at affordable rates.

Can I Fix Toilet Gurgling Myself?

You may be tempted to see if you are able to fix the toilet gurgling by yourself. Indeed, a lot of homeowners think that they can save money by taking things into their own hands. There are a lot of products you can buy in the shops that claim they can unblock pipes and toilets. But, you have to be careful. They can sometimes contain harsh chemicals that might cause other problems later down the line.

Sometimes, plunging a toilet might help you. This might make the blockage loose and to the surface. If this happens, you are going to be able to remove it. Of course, this is not going to work all the time. If this does not work and you see no progress straight away, it is best to give up.

How Long Can I Leave Toilet Bubbling?

If you can still use your toilet, you might be tempted to leave the bubbling for a while. After all, it just seems to be a sound. But, this is the wrong idea. While it might not need like a pressing matter right now, this blockage will not go away on its own. Instead, it can actually become worse. It can enlarge and lead to an entire blockage within your system. This is going to eventually mean that you cannot use the toilet and it will be an emergency callout.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is get the problem seen straight away. This is a good way to save you money, as well as enjoy peace of mind. You will be kicking yourself later on if delaying the problem makes it worse and more expensive.

Are There Other Signs of a Blockage?

Gurgling sounds from your toilet are not the only sign you can get that there is a blockage. Often, there is a combination of things that happen as the blockage gets worse. For example, the water might start to drain away slower than normal. In fact, there are some people who panic when they see the water rising.

You will also want to use your nose when it comes to a blocked toilet. While it might be able to flush, there could be unpleasant odours that linger around in the bathroom. This could be due to whatever is blocked in the pipes and is continually being hit with water.

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