The Omega Watch Strap From Rubber B Hits the Market

Arnaud B. Tibi (Rubber B – CEO) takes you on an enthralling journey through the discovery, manufacture, and production of vulcanized rubber straps for the Omega watches (Omega Seamaster 300, Omega Seamaster 300 Heritage & Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch).

Rubber, whether natural or synthetic, has been one of the most sought-after materials for watch straps for years.

In the past, straps with rubber have been unpleasantly sticky, poorly breathable, and easily crackable. Given the tech revolution, humans have come up with better ways to create and utilize rubber that is as good as it gets.

One of the leading watch strap brands, Rubber B, has recently launched its Omega Strap series for various Omega watches.

The company claims to use 100% vulcanized rubber, making it amongst the finest rubbers out there.

One of the highlights of Rubber B’s Omega Straps is that it is suitable for all kinds of water-related activities. The wearer can exercise, play sports, and even enjoy the rain outdoor without worrying about damaging the strap.

The Omega strap is the ideal choice if you want to avoid sweaty wrists because of its high breathability.

The strap boasts an anti-allergic property, allowing users to wear it for a prolonged duration without causing allergic reactions on the skin. It gives the skin a soft and smooth touch and feels light.

As it is made up of pure rubber, it has extreme electric resistance, and vulcanization makes the tear resistance as good as it gets. High durability is a critical feature Rubber B offers to its customers.

Watch companies have often noted that their customers have some issues with the strap’s length because of our naturally varying wrist sizes. Rubber B’s straps are suitable for all standard wrist sizes as they all are easily adjustable.

ABS plastic is famous for its elasticity and soft touch, and it is used in these straps to fit the watch casing properly.

The Omega straps come with a barb buckle made of 316L stainless steel that has an inside with laser etching and a screwed axis. It has a sleek design and gives the impression of a quality product.

This strap also comes with beautiful and safe packaging, allowing you to gift it to your loved ones. It includes a single set of stainless-steel spring bars.

The strap’s design has been carefully engineered to match the dimensions and appeal of the pairing Omega watch. It allows for a quick but perfect swap with the original Omega straps.

They are perfectly compatible with the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial 42mm and and its versions. Other models are also available for the Omega Speedmaster and X Swatch MoonSwatch series.

The straps are affordable and worth it, given their excellent quality and durability. A single strap can be used for years due to the fine engineering and detailed work behind each manufacturing step.

In addition, the company performs start-of-the-art processes to color the straps for a long-lasting effect.

The Swiss-based strap producer has been making such straps for years and has achieved elegant status. The company has highly rated customer feedback and continues to do so.

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