How to Get a Fast Testing COVID-19 for Travel?

Let’s determine once and for all: rapid testing for COVID-19 is not approved for travel, so the only option to go is either RT-PCR testing or PCR testing. The latter is the gold standard of testing. RT-PCR, in its turn, is simply the modified version of PCR, enabling to reveal the results several times faster.

Let’s find out what COVID-19 testing would be a perfect fit for your situation. We’ll also examine how accurate and safe RT-PCR testing actually is, so stick with us here.

When Do You Need PCR/RT-PCR Testing? 

Fast test now (rapid testing) is not about the highest accuracy or reliability. This form of screening does the only work — help to quickly check whether a person is sick or not, or if they had been sick for COVID-19 recently. In most cases, rapid tests provide with an accurate result. yet, “most cases” is not enough for airlines. 

So, you need either PCR or RT-PCR testing at any case when rapid testing is not good enough. Here are such options:

  • Traveling internationally.
  • Taking part in some public events.
  • Diagnosing of COVID-19.

As you can see, these cases are too important, from different perspectives, to go with rapid testing only. If you experience some COVID-19-like symptoms, you should also go for PCR since rapid tests may not provide you with a trustworthy result. It’s cheaper to make a single PCR or RT-PCR than two rapid PCR tests. 

High Reliability and Safety of Fast RT-PCR Testing for COVID-19

Such Quick Results COVID-19 Tests as RT-PCT tests are considered equally reliable to PCR. The difference between methodologies is that RT-PCR enables to confirm the presence or absence of coronavirus genetic material in the very first phases of testing. As a result, it takes only 1-6 hours to complete, compared to PCR tests, the results of which normally and issues within 8-48 hours, depending on the provider.

RT-PCR is like 97.2% accurate. The odds are pretty high that you will not need any other confirmation or proof should you need COVID-19 testing for any purpose. 

RT-PCR Testing COVID-19 in Florida in New York

The boom of PCR testing, which happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic, affects the healthcare industry rather negatively. Years ago, labs have a very small number of tests to deal with. The staff working with the specialized equipment had been highly qualified, as a rule. 

Nowadays, even quite reputable clinics have some extra machines for PCR/ RT-PCT testing in their laboratory area, just to keep up with the flow of orders. New labs, in their turn, appear daily. The number of qualified and trained professionals in the healthcare job market is rather insufficient. All the detailed results in need to choose your trusted provider carefully.

Contact GetResultToday — CLIA-certified lab to get fast, accurate, reliable, and completely approved RT-PCR/ PCR testing done by licensed professionals. 

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