Welzo: The new way forward for the UK Healthcare System

“Healthcare without the waiting rooms”, The UK’s newest Med-tech start-up ‘Welzo’ to deliver private healthcare to your door.

While the NHS continues to fall behind, new solutions are on the horizon, thanks to Welzo.

Ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s apparent that home testing kits are an accessible and favoured method of health testing for the public. Coupled with the slow wait times of the NHS healthcare system, it’s also clear that there is a need for a faster, more appropriate solution for those who need swift medical treatment.

Since their meteoric rise from their most recent launch: Official Rapid Tests, which became the UK’s largest PCR Testing provider, HMI has moved into the private healthcare section. Welzo will be a one-stop shop for testing and treatment, providing an extensive array of tests for lifestyle, acute and chronic conditions, as well as a large online pharmacy. Their ‘Health Hub’ will provide a large range of health news, updates, and recommended health advice from local and international medical professionals.

Testing Solutions for Everyone

Welzo intends to make health testing easier. Their new model is planned to have five phases. Firstly, patients will answer a short lifestyle consultation form to determine the most suitable test, they will then be able to order their test online and have it delivered to their front door (same or next-day delivery to parts of the UK), then they will complete a simple finger-prick blood test (or other sample collection), and finally, send that sample back to the lab for analysis. Results will be quickly returned alongside recommended treatments.

The tests will allow for specific problem identification through an extensive range of analysed biomarkers. Tests will range from general health tests, such as their Wellman or Well Woman tests, to Food Intolerance, Allergy Testing and even Heart Disease Risk Tests. They also offer Fertility Tests, STI checks, and Nutrition and Intolerance Tests among many others.

Welzo uses AI-based technology that will identify the biomarkers for each patient, to provide individualised support in determining where any deficiencies or problem areas. This comes as a promising addition to the private blood tests market, that offers greater insight and analysis of a patients biomarkers, giving customers actionable data to improve their health and lifestyle choices on.

Quick and Easy Treatment

After receiving the test results, patients will be given access to multiple online pharmacies, where they can then purchase treatment from Welzo’s large online pharmacy. This catalogue of treatments, medications and supplements will be one of the most extensive in the UK while also being one of the most affordable on the market. Not all treatments will be prescription base with some products such as Viagra connect, able for purchase with an online consultation form and risk assessment. This system intends to simplify the process, as patients can be tested and treated all from the same website, lessening the lengthy queues and trips to external pharmacies. Popular treatment options cover:

The Digitalization of Healthcare

While other industries have forged ahead with digitalized versions of their products and services, the healthcare system is still largely reliant on an older model that takes time, money, and patience from its users. Welzo proposes to launch a fully digitalised healthcare platform that offers all-in-one services that will provide medical help to people faster and cheaper than ever before.