Top Tips for Finding the Right PFA Attorney In PA

You have been served with a PFA in Pennsylvania and are clueless about what to do next. What you have received is either a temporary or an emergency PFA, both of which are issued to prevent further abuse from happening. No matter how unjustified or biased the order may seem, you have to abide by it until the final hearing, which would be typically scheduled within two weeks after the PFA is issued. You should consider consulting protection from abuse attorney in PA at the earliest because the hearing is your chance to present your defense. Here’s what it takes to hire a PFA defense lawyer.

Consider responsiveness

You have ten days to work on your case, and unless a lawyer is responsive and willing to start working on the case right away, you may end up with a permanent PFA. Responsiveness is one of the critical factors in choosing any type of criminal defense lawyer.

Check specialization

Not all attorneys specialize in PFA defense, and the work profile of a lawyer is your biggest tool for understanding if they can help. Ask the attorney about their success rate, their regular areas of practice, and if they have handled PFA matters that are similar to yours. PFA is a civil matter in Pennsylvania, but if there are domestic violence charges against you, it would be a criminal matter. Ask the attorney what they would recommend for your situation.

Find more about the lawyer

The internet can offer a considerable amount of information about criminal defense lawyers and law firms. Check if the firm has good reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews. Even the best lawyers have bad cases, but you wouldn’t want to hire someone who has a bad reputation in the industry. Because PFA matters are often about privacy, it’s not uncommon for lawyers to avoid giving references.

Know the fee

Most criminal defense lawyers charge an hourly rate, and you need to have a clear contract with them with relevant terms and conditions. Just because an attorney is expensive doesn’t always mean they are the best in town, but don’t hire someone who charges way less than others. PFAs can have serious consequences, and you wouldn’t want to hire the wrong lawyer in an attempt to save money.

Also, ask the attorney if they have appealed against permanent PFAs. A good lawyer will talk about their top cases, will share relevant details, and, more importantly, will work on PFA defense right away.