5 Apps That Give You Money for Free – No Effort Included

A few decades ago, getting money for free sounded like a dream that had nothing to do with reality. Nevertheless, the desktop and mobile application industry has grown in leaps and bounds, making what seemed impossible possible – and sometimes even accessible to the general public worldwide.

These days, various money-making apps let you earn real money for free. In other words, they reward you for actions that have nothing to do with actual work and effort; chances are, you are doing a lot of them every day already without knowing you could have been making money all along!

In this piece, we’re going to present you with 5 innovative apps that can help you make money online without ever feeling like you’re actively working. Keep reading to learn more!


Living life is always more fun with a soundtrack, right? According to various polls, smartphones are the most popular music listening device these days – and it’s barely a surprise. We carry them with us all the time, the quality of earphones available on the market is improving every year, and various streaming platforms offer convenient apps for music listening, no matter your operating system.

But did you know you could actually collect rewards for listening to the tunes you love? Current offers more than 10,000 curated radio stations that you can listen to anytime you want and earn points that can later be exchanged for PayPal credit or gift cards to your favorite stores. You can even record stuff to listen to later – even without an internet connection!


If you spend enough time on your feet every day, it’s not only good for your muscles! Cardiovascular exercise has been proven to improve longevity – and with Sweatcoin, that longer life can come with fuller pockets.

Sweatcoin users collect rewards for every step they take. Naturally, you need a smartphone with a pedometer function, but it’s been a staple in the absolute majority of modern Android and iOS phones for years now. The points you gather can later be spent in the app’s marketplace, exchanged for cash or crypto, or donated to your selected charity. If you were looking for a way to motivate yourself to start moving more on a daily basis, this might be the perfect way to start!


This app might just be the most effortless way to earn on this entire list: you don’t really have to do any active work to start collecting rewards – and yet, the process can go on 24/7. Once you download and install the Honeygain app on your desktop or mobile device, it starts sharing your excess internet bandwidth, earning you passive income for every GB.

The bandwidth is used to maintain a global web intelligence network that allows companies around the world to complete brand protection campaigns, work on price aggregation, verify their online ads, etc. The rewards can be exchanged for USD (PayPal) or cryptocurrency (JMPT).


It’s hard to imagine even a week without shopping, is it not? If you don’t need new shoes or plates, you certainly need to do some grocery shopping – and all that money you spend definitely sums up. But did you know there’s often a chance to get a portion of it back?

Ibotta is a cash back application that you can use on your mobile or on your computer (as a web browser extension). Partners with more than 2,000 merchants both online and offline, it allows you to collect a part of the money you spend on your daily purchases back. Ibotta’s quick to install and simple to use, making it a fan favorite in multiple countries and regions.


Most of us have a few hours to kill every day during our long commute to and from work. Some people use this time for napping, some try to read a book – and yet, the majority spend this time on their smartphones, scrolling through the news or playing various mobile games. If you’re one of these people, too, Mistplay can provide you with a chance to make money as you play!

The platform is generally used by game developers to test their new creations. By playing the games made available to them, the users of Mistplay act as external testers and collect rewards for helping the creators identify the issues in the games. This way, they can be corrected before the games actually go public, and the players can make money by simply having fun!

So there you have it – 5 apps that make money without any real effort on your part. Granted, some of them might require a minute or two to set up, but once you’re done, they’re all easy enough to get started with and could quickly become a regular part of your routine. If you’re looking for ways to make free money on the side, these are definitely worth checking out!

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