Uniglo (GLO), ApeCoin (APE), And Axie Infinity (AXS) – Recession-Proof NFT Investments Experts Recommend

We’re just now starting to see signs of relief from record inflation numbers and now it looks like we’re running head-on into a recession that could drag down markets. Here are a few altcoins to consider that we feel are recession-proof for various reasons. That is their prices aren’t likely to fall in value during the downturn. 

Uniglo (GLO) — a digital treasure chest

You can think of Uniglo as a treasure chest full of a valuable collection of assets. However, there’s no treasure chest that contains what this platform has in mind. Uniglo is a DAO, the goal of which is to amass a digital vault that is constantly growing larger and larger and full of all kinds of crypto treasures and tokenized real-world assets. All you have to do to join the DAO and own a piece of this ever-expanding treasure trove is buy and hold the GLO token.

Also, not only is the treasury constantly growing, the supply of the token itself is constantly shrinking. This is due to a double burn mechanism that’s constantly removing tokens from circulation. As you can imagine, those who get in early will benefit the most as they can make a one-time investment and watch it grow along with the value of the treasury for decades to come. 

How does this all work? The treasury is funded by a 5% donation from everyone who buys the GLO token plus a 5% donation left behind when anyone sells their tokens. This means the treasury is growing no matter which way the market is headed — and the more volatile the better. The token burns are funded in two ways. First profits from investment activities can be used to buy back tokens and burn them. Second, 1% of all GLO tokens sold aftermarket are burned. 

The great thing is the platform hasn’t launched yet and you can get on board via the private presale for just $0.0125 per token. That price will be going up over the course of the presale which ends on October 12th. All unsold tokens will be burned at that time (if it hasn’t sold out already) which could greatly increase the price of GLO just before it hits exchanges. You can get in on the Uniglo DAO at the Uniglo.io website.   

Apecoin (APE) — an entertainment cryptocurrency

Apecoin is the currency of ApeDAO, a community based on the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection put out by Yuga Labs. BAYC is one of the very top NFT collections in existence today. Yuga is building an entire ecosystem around the collection of cartoon apes which are still selling for inordinate amounts of money. Being built upon one of the very first major NFT collections makes BAYC collectible item with the potential to act as a long-term store of value and a hedge against inflation. However, if you can’t afford a Bored Apes, you can probably afford some APE coins which are selling at just under $7 today. APE has popped up in price by about 150% since mid-June. If it can get back to its April highs, APE will run up another 3X gain. 

Axie Infinity (AXS) — play to earn 

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn platform. Users breed characters called Axies which are used in play battles. Winners are paid rewards in AXS token which is also used to buy and sell Axies. After falling in price by more than 90% since last fall, AXS has risen by about two-thirds in the past month. If it can get back to the $45 to $75 range that it was hovering in just a few months ago it will produce gains of 300% to 400%. As with BAYC being one of the earliest popular NFT games makes Axies a collectors’ item. Thus the price is bound to keep up with inflation over the coming years. 

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