5 Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Some people want bitcoin and other cryptos to be able to maintain their privacy at the right time, as some of them feel it is necessary to buy anonymously. If we talk about bank transfers, PayPal transactions, credit card transactions and traditional transactions, etc., then there are many forms in which it is considered necessary to verify the identity before doing the transaction. As such it is considered necessary to verify your name, phone number, location and address. Confidentiality coins and anonymizing transactions are not enforced when you start working with crime investigation departments. If you are afraid that your transaction information may not fall into the hands of the wrong person, then for this you have to sit more carefully and especially when you are investing in crypto.  Aside from Bitcoin, it is also important to know the Effect Of Blockchain On Telecom Area.

Its main purpose is that you can use many different ways to buy digital coins anonymously without any verification which you will find in the guide in this article. Below we have listed down all the places where it would be possible for you to do so.

Best Apps To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously 

  1. CoinSmart

The best way is to start crypto trading with CoinSmart but before that, you have to verify your account in it, after that the verification process will be completed in a few minutes. Along with this, you will be required to verify your phone number, email and ID such as passport, residence permit and driving license etc.

  1. Coinmama 

Coming to the Coinmama exchange, allows all users to trade with digital currencies via bank transfer, credit card, debit card and many more different payment methods. Allows users to trade with fiat and crypto. But it does not provide you with a crypto wallet. Some beginner users do not like the exchange as they do not provide a wallet. This Coinmama exchange is made available in 88 countries. Without verification, it will not be possible for you to carry out the transaction. The minimum level user would be required to upload a government-issued ID and note.

  1. Coingate

It is the best way to integrate crypto payments and pay for any services and goods using crypto. It is a very good payment processor for the CoinGate API, payment buttons, shopping cart plugins and web POS. Merchants can receive payments for their goods using crypto and be able to integrate them into their businesses. Customers hereby pay for services and goods using bitcoin, litecoin and other virtual currencies.

  1. Bisq

Here we are talking about the Bisq platform which is an application used on desktops or PCs to initiate crypto trading. Bisq, also known as Bitsquare, is a decentralized exchange allowing all sellers and buyers to trade on the platform. Those willing to take orders will be able to make and receive payments through several different payment channels in all the different countries. The platform supports AliPay, Perfect Money, Zele and OK Pay. But here you can’t pay by credit card. Users can make a direct deposit with their crypto trading and send it to any other person. 

  1. BitQuick

With Bitquick it allows its users to trade with bitcoin and other cryptos with cash, which is why it stands out from all other exchanges. Users and sellers are provided with information about how BitQuick works in their accounts, after which it is deposited in the bank in the form of cash. The buyer has to upload the receipt proof on the platform and then verify the same before issuing the bitcoins. Users will not need to go through any verification process to start their trading on the exchange.