6 Natural Insomnia Remedies to Try

The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep a night for most healthy adults. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t getting even close to that. If you’re one of them, you might be looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep. Here are six natural insomnia remedies to try. 

  1. Light a Candle

When you can’t sleep, you might not think about lighting candles, but this could be the solution you’re looking for. Aromatherapy is a very popular option for people looking to get more sleep. You might consider using scented candles or diffusing essential oils. Scents like lavender, rosemary, jasmine, and rose have all been found to reduce stress and anxiety and promote better sleep. 

  1. Drink Tart Cherry Juice 

It’s possible that something as simple as drinking juice before bed could help you sleep better at night. Cherry extract, or tart cherry juice, has been found to be an effective natural sleep aid. One of the main benefits is that it can increase sleep duration. Research has found that cherry extract can increase slumber by nearly 90 minutes. Try drinking some cherry juice before bed to reap the benefits. 

  1. Take a Melatonin Supplement

Melatonin is one of the most well-researched sleep aids. It’s a hormone our bodies naturally produce to help regulate the body’s sleep/wake schedule. Research has found that taking a melatonin supplement can help you fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality. 

Be sure to talk to your doctor about proper dosing. That said, most people are advised to take 0.5 to 5 mg before bed to sleep better at night. 

  1. Switch Up Your Bedding 

It’s possible that your bedding could be interfering with your sleep. Try switching things up to sleep better at night. 

A high-quality mattress and pillow that offer proper support are essential. If your mattress is very old and starting to sink, it’s probably time to purchase a new one. If you have a soft mattress, you might consider choosing a firmer mattress. 

It’s also important to opt for comfortable sheets and a comforter. Be sure to choose one that allows you to remain at a good temperature throughout the night. It’s possible that you could be too cold or overheating throughout the night, which might be making it difficult to sleep. 

  1. Try Increasing the Magnesium in Your Diet

Magnesium is a mineral that’s linked to numerous bodily processes, including melatonin regulation. It has been found that some people who suffer from insomnia have magnesium deficiencies. Research has also found that magnesium may help quiet the mind and relax the muscles, both of which make it easier for the body to fall asleep. 

To increase your magnesium intake, consider boosting the magnesium in your diet. Good sources include green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains. If adding more magnesium to your diet doesn’t help with deficiency, be sure to talk to your doctor about supplementation. 

  1. Drink Chamomile Tea Before Bed 

Due to the flavonoids that it contains, chamomile tea has been found to increase sleepiness. It has an effect on the brain’s GABA receptors, causing it to act like a sedative. Both the tea and its scent have been found to have these effects. 

Although chamomile tea has been found to promote sleepiness, there’s no evidence that shows it has any effect on the quality of sleep. 

To reap the benefits of chamomile tea, be sure to drink a cup about an hour before bed. 

These are just six natural insomnia remedies to try. It can take some trial and error to find something that works for you. If your sleep issues persist, be sure to talk to your doctor about other treatment options.