Plastic surgery is considered a treatment to enhance one’s physical appearance. However, improved appearance is just one possible benefit of plastic surgery. There are way more benefits that people can gain from their decisions. One most common misunderstanding about the word plastic is that it means artificial. However, the word originated from the ancient Greek word plastikos, which means to give form or mold. So, plastic surgery means improving the person’s physical appearance and reconstruction of facial and body’s defective tissues. Plastic surgeons treat the tissue defects caused by trauma, illness, or birth disorders. In simple words, plastic surgery improves and restores tissue functions and enhances physical appearance. Whether someone likes aging or not, the aging process does not stop. No matter how hard a person avoids aging effects, it still occurs to change appearance. Therefore, people turn to plastic surgeons. It is crucial to meet the right surgeon. After all, it is a matter of skin and appearance. A single mistake can cause massive side effects. Dr. Hamad Al Jaber is a professional plastic surgeon who aims to satisfy his patients with results-oriented plastic surgery practices.

Plastic surgery provides enormous benefits to individuals. One of the major benefits is that this surgery boosts confidence. When people get wrinkles while aging, they feel demotivated and do not take part in the activities that matter the most. In addition, when an individual looks good, s/he gets the confidence to face society. Looking good is a psychological element that makes a person perform well in the field that they work in. It gives an individual the confidence to do things the right way. Dr. Hamad Al Jaber understands what it takes to make a surgery decision. He treats the patient with expertise and experience to ensure effective results. Dr. Hamad believes that nobody should feel insecure and discomfort due to physical appearance. He provides plastic surgery treatments to make patients feel confident, and he ensures that they are well-informed about their choices.

Dr. Hamad’s plastic surgery practices are not just for the people who want to hide imperfections and look good. He offers plastic surgery practices to improve the patients’ physical health. For instance, nose reshaping or rhinoplasty improves the aesthetic of the nose; it also improves the patients’ breathing. Similarly, breast reduction surgery enhances the body figure as well as relieves various physical discomfort, such as neck and back pain. It also relieves skin irritation due to disproportional large breasts.

Plastic surgery improves body functions and allows individuals to feel confident and mentally relaxed. For people who have functional issues – be it by birth or due to accidents s- Dr. Hamad provides effective plastic surgery services.

Dr. Hamad Al Jaber is a plastic surgeon from Qatar with over 20 years of experience. He has conducted numerous successful surgeries to improve the functional purpose by providing treatments, such as rhinoplasty and body contouring. Dr. Hamad became a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2003 after completing his training and services in the hospital. Dr. Hamad Al Jaber was born on February 27, 1973, in Qatar. He founded PHI Clinics for Plastic Surgery and works as the Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon to serve the patients with the best plastic surgery practices. In 2004, Dr. Hamad passed his surgical specialties from Arab Board Council. In 2007, he was promoted to consultant plastic surgery. In 2012, Dr. Hamad secured another promotion by becoming a senior consultant plastic surgeon at HMC.

Dr. Hamad Al Jaber has a firm belief in serving people. He has also contributed his services to charitable establishments. Since his teenage, he had the ambition to pursue the medical field. He was inspired by his maternal uncle, Dr. Mohammed Al Jaber – a pediatric doctor. Dr. Hamad has the goal to make his patients feel good about themselves.

Currently, Dr. Hamad owns three businesses in the plastic surgery and cosmetic industry. The first one is PHI Medical Clinics – it is one of Qatar’s most sought-after clinics for plastic surgery. The second one is Cosmedic Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. The third one is Laguna Medical Center – a dermatology, dental, and plastic surgery clinic in Qatar. In addition to these core businesses, Dr. Hamad also runs other companies known as Summit Medical and Proderma Middle East. He recently opened PHIMed, a Qatar-based  Medical Services Agency that aims to develop the medical industry in the country by providing optimal solutions for business development and by offering medical assistance to healthcare facilities.  He is also working on starting a daycare hospital – PHI Medicare. He recently graduated from Georgetown University, earning himself an Executive Master’s in Leadership on May 20, 2022.

Dr. Hamad is also a social activist. He works to bring change to the world. He also inspires the younger generation to participate in charitable projects to make this world a better place to live for everyone.