Fun And Creative Ways For Kids To Make Money

It’s never too early to start developing an entrepreneurial spirit in your children. The right side gig will teach them invaluable lessons and skills. They get to earn a bit of money, work on something they’re passionate about, and develop knowledge and experience in business management and leadership. Whether they scale their money-making opportunities into a full-blown business or take what they’ve learned and apply it to the profession of their choice, it can assist them in navigating the professional world. 

If your child has expressed interest in making money online, there are various ideas to consider. Continue reading for some suggestions. 

Sell Handmade or Self-Created Products

Is your child a creative? If so, they might enjoy selling their masterpieces online. Your kids can generate substantial income if they are good at baking, sewing, carpentry, painting, or drawing. All they need is a designated workspace, a user-friendly eCommerce website, and a shipping carrier, and they’re ready to set up shop. They can market their products on social media platforms or spread the word at their school, community center, church, and other public locations. 


If your kids spend hours gaming, they could turn their favorite pastime into a money-making opportunity. There are multiple ways to make money in gaming. They can start a vlog where they talk to fellow gamers about the newest games, consoles, accessories, and apparel. You can even purchase a gaming mystery box so your kid can receive new products and merchandise to share on their platform. 

Another way to make money is to stream their gaming experiences live as they compete with friends and online users. The more views and subscribers your child receives, the higher their earnings potential grows. Both of these options will require a workstation, computer, gaming consoles, accessories, cameras, and lights to get started. 

Lifestyle Vlogging

You’d be surprised how many children and teens are interested in viewing content from people their age. If your child has a unique interest, skill, or talent, they can start a vlog. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon make it easy for them to create accounts and upload or stream videos. They can show viewers “a day in the life” or talk about subjects related to their interests. They get paid for memberships, views, and ads. 

Take Surveys

Brands that cater to younger audiences are willing to pay for their opinion on products and services. Top sites will pay kids up to $10 or more to complete surveys. The accounts are free to sign-up for, and you can start earning money right away. Simply complete the profile and search for surveys related to brands your kids love. The more surveys they answer, the more opportunities they will open to earn even more money. Some children are asked to write reviews, test free products, and join focus groups. 

Become An Influencer

Companies are always looking for new marketing concepts to draw in their target audience. Paying influencers has become a prevalent option. They find kids with active social media profiles and a considerable following to market their products. From clothes and shoes to gaming devices and toys, your kids can get free merchandise and make money sharing their experiences with online users. The best part is you don’t need much to become an influencer. A smartphone, a few social media accounts, and several hundred followers, and you could be on your way to making millions!

Parents are encouraged to teach their children how to manage and generate money responsibly in an uncertain economy. What better way to give your kid the headstart they need than to allow them to start a side gig? These innovative ideas are affordable to start, creative, fun, and have the potential to generate passive and residual income. Your kid will have a blast doing something they love while earning money. Review the above suggestions and discuss the ideas with your child to see which opportunities interest them most.