WonUp adds Content Creator, Mentor and Financial Educator, Hasani Houston

(Summerville, SC) WonUp continues to recognize student needs by growing its roster of content creators. Its latest addition, Hasani Houston, is a Content Creator and Leader in providing consumers with financial education and financial solutions. 

Hasani started his career over 14 years ago as a mentor to students during his tenure as a college athlete. While learning about personal finances for solutions himself, he quickly realized that there were scores of others that needed help as well. From there he began his crusade to help as many people as possible better understand their finances. This has led to Hasani being featured in Forbes Magazine, a large social media following, and a Consultancy that produces positive and consistent results. 

“I joined WonUp because I believe in its ability to disrupt the traditional standards of expectation when it comes to Higher Learning. Students aren’t going to school just to get a standard education anymore. They expect and need so much more to become leaders of their families, start their own companies, and master their own financial goals”. Hasani goes on to share that “partnering with WonUp just made my ability to help others become that much easier.”

CEO Jason London, shared “Hasani’s success demonstrates exactly what WonUp is about. His uncanny ability to create engaging content that reaches students at their level made his addition to the WonUp team an instant win-win scenario. Students can be difficult to engage, and his creativity allows him to fill a big void in a saturated market of unrelatable content. We’re excited to leverage his talent to educate others.”
WonUp combines student experience and student engagement on a mobile app that features gamification, point-driven engagement, and a reward platform. It’s unique technology supports all institutional-related KPIs by synchronizing operational tasks and learning outcomes with timely, specific, automated student lifecycle requirements. WonUp also provides graduate credentials on a digital wallet built on the latest blockchain technology. 

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