Meta Lion Circle Launching its first NFT collection

Meta Lion Circle (MLC) Founder, Sandro Ortolani (O.R.T.O.) introduces the “NO DERIVATIVE ART” and “NO SOLE PFP CONCEPT” in the space of NFT with the help of two emerging Italian talents Alessandro Tonti and Giorgio Dessi. They’ve brought the vision of O.R.T.O. to reality by creating a collection of 3,333 unique 3D high-poly 4K rendered Meta Lions roaring on the Ethereum blockchain. The first main collection “The Meta Lions” will launch at the end of September. The complete narrative, written by Glenn Stroppolo, a highly talented writer, will emerge you into the Meta Lions’ endless universe. Wanne de Rop, a professional Belgian illustrator, seamlessly implemented the narrative into a marvelous Comic that will only be available for collection through our reward-staking system or on the secondary market.

Jonathan Tang, a brilliant full-stack developer, and lead developer of the MLC project, is the final key to form the core team of the MLC.


MLC has experienced considerable beneficial improvements since its inception in October and it has progressed from a simple idea to an exponential and prominently valuable concept. The inspiration behind the project is entirely based on the conservation of our planet; as of nowadays humanity is full-on in self-destruction mode which is driving us far away from sustainability and a healthy natural environment. In order to conserve planet Earth MLCtook the initiative to put all the secondary sales royalties to the community vault all while a huge chunk will be allocated to support conservatory projects around the globe.


The team is determined to bring a change to this innovation & technology driven world, in order to raise humanity’s consciousness and cautiousness towards our fragile environment.

Launching at the end of August, team MLC will bring another gem to life. Their custom developed PFP Builder will allow you to mint a free, dynamic, and customizable, double-rarity, trait-swap ready, 2D PFP based on a brand new developed ERC721i(m) low gas smart contract.

Instant benefits like redistribution of the royalties through a weekly holder raffle (75% raffle & 25% Vault) and access to the token gated private discord server are only the start of the journey.

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