Leading European Provider To Invest More Than €10 Million in Telecoms Low-Code Technology From ECT

– This highly successful and innovative provider is building its subscriber acquisition and retention strategy for enterprise and public-sector marketsaround products created with ECT’s Telecoms Low Code.
– This 36-month agreement is an extension of a decade-long cooperation between the CSP and ECT.
– The expected additional growth will not only mean better business outcomes for the CSP but could also as much as double the value of this contract for ECT.
– The contract encompasses ECT’s Telecoms Low Code, a diverse range of service applications, packaged business capabilities, and dedicated development support.
Munich, August 31st, 2022 — ECT today announced that it has closed a comprehensive deal for the next three years with one of Europe’s leading communication services providers (CSPs). Through this deal, ECT and the CSP are further expanding their long-term collaboration. With a minimum value of more than €10 million, the contract is one of the industry’s largest for telecoms service creation.

This innovative CSP offers its own, highly unique services and products to public sector and enterprise customers. In addition to using ECT products in areas such as unified communication and collaboration (UCC) and virtual PBX, the CSP also uses ECT technology for its network services, such as number portability, VoLTE and number translation services. The CSP also leverages ECT’s Dedicated Agile Development Squads to augment their own development teams, and to enhance and individualize products and quickly develop new offers to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

Because most European markets are saturated, acquiring public sector and enterprise customers usually means attracting them away from their current provider. Using price to motivate the switch doesn’t always work and can lead to price cuts and reduced profits. Beyond pricing, providers need the ability to quickly innovate unique services to motivate subscribers to switch. By offering unique products designed for local markets and individualized for verticals, this European CSP has increased its business subscriber base significantly, enhanced customer loyalty, and improved its average return per subscriber (ARPU).

ECT’s Telecoms Low Code, the world’s first low-code application platform exclusively for the telecoms industry, enables CSPs to easily compose and customize products based on low code and no code, as well as Packaged Business Capabilities.

“As our applications and Telecoms Low Code are licensed based on actual subscriber usage, we have a win-win relationship with all the CSPs utilizing our technology,” said Marshall E. Kavesh, CEO and cofounder of ECT. “We do everything in our power to assist our customers in growing their subscriber base and minimizing churn. The sheer size of this recent contract renewal is a reflection of the subscriber growth we are able to achieve together with providers.”

This contract extension has a minimum three-year value based on the provider’s current business subscriber base. The expected additional growth will not only mean better business outcomes for the CSP but could also as much as double the value of this contract for ECT. “We celebrate our continued partnership and look forward to collaborating further with this innovative partner for many years to come,” said Kavesh.


About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG):
ECT is a tech company dedicated to better business outcomes for communications service providers (CSPs) and their customers. With our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP), Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), Ready-to-Use Apps and agile co-development, we enable CSPs to compose, enhance and individualize telecoms services and products implemented within their telecoms network. We believe that business customers are ready to pay a premium price for reliable, individualized services, continuously evolving in cooperation with their trusted CSP. Toward this end, we collaborate with CSPs long-term and continuously, responding agilely to new and changing use cases, requests from individual customers, and emerging opportunities. Research and development are also a top ECT priority: We consult closely with leading analysts, implement emerging technologies and products early, and then test their viability together with the CSPs in our ecosystem. In addition to our own direct sales and service, primarily in Europe, we also partner with Nokia Networks which offers our products and services worldwide. Together with our clients and our partner Nokia, we at ECT enjoy meeting challenges and creating opportunities.

Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, The Netherlands and the USA.

For more information about ECT, please visit ect-telecoms.com

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