8 Harmful Effects of Mommy Wine Culture

Mommy wine culture is a term that describes the idea that moms are using alcohol as a way to deal with the stress and anxiety of motherhood. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have some wine with your friends, many women who participate in mommy wine culture are doing so because they feel like they have no other option. And they’re being encouraged to do so when they’re feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

All parents have moments where they need an escape from reality or just want to relax after dealing with kids all day. But these moments shouldn’t necessarily involve alcohol; there are healthier ways to cope with life’s difficulties—including taking care of yourself instead of relying on crutches like booze or even prescription drugs. In this article, we’ll explore how mommy wine culture can be harmful for both mothers and children alike:

Wine as a Crutch

If you think of wine as a crutch, then it’s time to consider whether or not that idea is helping you. It’s true that wine can make us feel better when we’re stressed out or sad, but it doesn’t solve any problems and certainly isn’t a substitute for self-care. There are many other ways to cope with stress and anxiety, like yoga, meditation, and exercise that are far more healthy. Additionally, wine can lead to alcohol addiction. If you can’t stop drinking wine, you may already need addiction help from places like NewDay Recovery Services to overcome your drinking crutch.

Wine as a Distraction

Wine is a crutch. It’s an escape from the hard work of motherhood. The pressures of modern society can be very real, and we all need ways to cope with them. However, wine should not be your go-to solution for every problem. Instead of relying on wine as a distraction from the difficult issues in life, seek out other coping mechanisms that are more effective. Get counseling if you need it, share your stresses with a friend, and seek out things like journaling.

Wine as a Numbing Agent

Wine can be a numbing agent, but it’s also a depressant. This means that while it may make you feel better at first, you might end up feeling worse in the long run because of how it impacts memory and cognitive function. In fact, research suggests that wine can even cause hangovers. By numbing your senses instead of dealing with your issues, you’re simply delaying getting the help you need.

The idea that wine is an acceptable way to deal with life’s stresses is both dangerous and misguided. Like any other addictive substance, it can be used to numb pain, but it can also mask underlying issues and problems that need to be addressed. It’s important to evaluate the role you play in your own lives and take responsibility for your actions rather than using wine as an excuse for not taking care of yourself or setting boundaries with others.

Wine as a Way to Forget

Mommy wine culture is a way to forget that you can’t control everything. The truth is, you can’t control your kids’ behavior, and sometimes they’re going to throw a tantrum at the supermarket or refuse to go for their afternoon nap. You can’t always keep our house clean and tidy, especially when there’s a toddler running around with dirty hands. And you don’t always get enough sleep due to those same toddlers waking up at all hours of the night.

These situations are frustrating, but it’s important to remember that you do have some control over how you react to them. You don’t need wine—or any other substance—to help you cope with these uncontrollable parts of mom life; instead, try meditation, prayer, writing in a journal, getting advice from older moms, and even having a fun dance party when you feel overwhelmed.

Wine to Escape

The desire to escape from stress and anxiety is a normal response. However, as with any addiction, wine becomes an unhealthy coping mechanism when you rely solely on it. When you rely on it as your default way of handling the ups and downs of life, you are more likely to develop a dependency on alcohol that can compromise your physical and mental health. Find ways to enjoy motherhood and manage your emotions when it gets stressful.

Mommy wine culture is toxic. Enjoy a glass with friends on occasion, but don’t let it become an addiction, a crutch, a coping mechanism, or an escape from your responsibilities as a mom.