Build Your Hodl Portfolio With Uniglo (GLO), Uniswap (UNI), Fantom (FTM) And Ethereum Classic (ETC)

There are only two ways to play the crypto market. Either you dedicate your life to learning the intricacies of day trading or swing trading, or you invest for the long hodl. Trading properly is a full-time job or at least a full-time passion. 99% of people who hope to make money trading end up losing money. The vast majority of us are better off making money the best way we know how and then investing it wisely for the future. So how to invest wisely? How about using swam intelligence? 

Swarm intelligence is the intelligence of the crowd. While you might not have time to deal with swing trading, you might have enough time to form an educated opinion on a handful of assets such as Uniswap (UNI), Fantom (FTM), and Ethereum Classic (ETC), which are all getting a ton of media coverage. Now imagine 10,000 people like you all putting their heads together to decide how to invest. Time and time again, swarm intelligence has proven to outperform individual investors. So, how do you get in on that action?

Check out a new DeFi platform called Uniglo (GLO). Uniglo is an investment DAO. That means that all of the decisions on how to invest the treasury are made by a vote of the entire community (GLO holders). 

The Uniglo  treasury can be invested into anything that can be tokenized. Not just cryptocurrencies, but also NFTs, tokenized gold, real estate, stocks, collectibles, and much more. You could spend all day on Fantom and Uniswap and not be able to put together this kind of portfolio. On the other hand, both Uniswap and Fantom could end up in this portfolio. 

Uniglo tokenomics heavily favors early investors by making possible an eternally deflationary token and an eternally growing treasury. A 10% royalty on all buys and sells is used to invest as well as to burn tokens. This assures that the treasury is always going up while the circulating supply of GLO is always going down. And the great thing is, the more volatile the market — bull or bear — the faster the treasury gets funded and the faster the tokens get burned. This is bad news for volatility lovers but great news for long-term investors. 

The best part is you can still get in on the ICO (initial coin offering). The Uniglo platform doesn’t launch until mid-October. Meanwhile, you can get in on the presale by visiting the website. The presale is broken up into three rounds with round two currently underway. On September 15th round three begins and the price goes up. Then any unsold tokens will be burned before GLO goes onto exchanges.

The simplicity of this long-term investing strategy is just what DeFi needs in order to start seeing mainstream adoption. If this happens, GLO ICO investors could turn a small initial investment into a massive nest egg for retirement. 

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