3 in 4 carers say their mental health is at an all-time low

UK, October 10, 2022 Struggling carers say the cost of living crisis is taking a major toll – with three in four claiming their mental health has hit rock bottom.

A shock survey by Surewise – the UK’s leading providers of carers and personal assistant insurance – laid bare some stark truths ahead of World Mental Health Day on October 10.

And it’s not just mindset in the balance for carers across the country, as money worries also prove a frequent theme.

Almost two thirds (65%) of those quizzed said they are forced to cut back on daily essentials such as food and heating, with one in three delving into savings to afford basics.

Surewise director Stuart Bensusan said: “As the cost-of-living crisis worsens in the UK, those looking after a family member have been amongst the hardest hit.

“Research prior to the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of mental health provision for carers, and this study is demonstrating once again the urgent need for increased support for this sector.

“Despite the hard work and sacrifice carers – both paid and unpaid – make every single day, it’s clear that there is a fundamental failure to provide financial support for them.

“Carers are already facing an increased burden of responsibility for the people they care for, with many unpaid or reducing their income in order to do so. The fact that the vast majority of carers are not sure how they will get through the next year is something that needs to be urgently addressed.”

The new data also revealed that a quarter or carers are borrowing cash, with16% using credit cards in response to the cost of living crisis, while 11% have been forced to borrow money from loved ones.

Many respondents felt that increasing carers’ benefits should be number one in the UK’s health agenda.

Mr Bensusan added: “More carers than people realise are under crippling financial pressures, contending with soaring energy prices, raging food bills and increasing housing costs. It’s no wonder our carers’ mental health is so negatively affected. We want to make sure carers get the support they need.”

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