Introducing Solar Panels to RV Industry

With the passage of time, technology is taking over almost everything. Solar panels, as a means of producing electricity in developed countries, have become quite common, but their inclusion in the RV industry is, in fact, new. Some prefer monocrystalline silicon in the construction of RV solar panels, claiming it offers the highest power production, while others have different opinions.

With the addition of solar panels to their rig, any camper can gain the capability to spend days, weeks, and even months at a time without ever running out of power. These solar panels can go on the roof of your RV, so whenever your RV is on the road or parked during the day, the cells can absorb energy from the sun to recharge.

Ping Long Wu founded Ecocampor in 2015. The company is known for its innovative RVs and boat manufacturing capabilities and is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Its mission is to make the camping experience better, easier, and more enjoyable for nature explorers. It deals in only the best truck campers, camper trailers, fishing boats, caravans, pontoon boats, and speed boats. Through its tireless efforts, the platform has successfully achieved its mission. It has been able to serve many travellers, but its manufacturers are still striving to make more improvements in their campers and caravans.

According to Ecocampor, every RV has drastically different needs for solar power and the number of solar panels necessary to support an electrical system. If you are a camping lover and spend most of your holidays on the road, you probably know that every RV requires different types of solar panels. A minor upgrade to the RV can alter its electrical usage.

Estimating the average number and size of solar panels needed for an RV can be difficult. According to Ecocampor expertise, a small teardrop trailer could easily get away with one 200-watt solar panel, while large motorhomes often require five or more 200-watt panels. Ecocampor has eased this complex calculation for its customers. It has come up with different types and sizes of solar panels to make the road trip for customers worth remembering.

The platform recognizes its buyers’ needs and realizes that they mostly use their solar power to support overhead lights, charge phones and computers, and run their cooktop and fridge. It has accommodated the larger power draw with a more significant battery bank to fulfil the RVs power-consuming appliances energy demands.

Ecocampor ensures a material quality check before incorporating any type of solar panel on their RVs. This inspection guarantees the end product is up to their quality standards. The platform has also added unique features to the manufactured RVs such as expanded space, unique looks, and technology inclusions. Additionally, it also offers alternatives if solar panels are not enough to meet the RV’s power requirements. Some of these alternatives include solar gadgets and portable solar units.

All these exceptional features add extra stars to its services, making Ecocampor a customer-centric platform. Its team is working constantly to figure out how to add more facilities into limited space to allow for users’ maximum comfort and utility.