Slam-Man Dances Again to Save Young Lives

The original Slam-Man, of the popular 2005 music video Slam by Pendulum, is returning to the streets of London on the 28th October*.  Slam-Man will rip off his shirt again, tie his tie around his head and dance without a care to raise awareness and money for children at risk of self-harm and worse!!
Slam-Man, Paul Nicholls, is also founder of the Crystal Kingdom Social Enterprise CIC, which has an overall purpose to reduce suicide and self-harm in children and young adults.  Paul is inviting all Pendulum fans and everyone who wants to have some fun and make history by demonstrating and reinforcing the message of the Crystal Kingdom, to ‘believe you are amazing just as you are’.
Paul Nicholls, CEO, Crystal Kingdom Social Enterprise CIC said, “I believe the Pendulum video caught so much attention, because I simply ripped off my shirt and danced without a care about what people thought.  Kids need to believe in themselves and not worry about what people think, which can be a daily challenge that impacts their mental health.
He continued, “Having lost my younger brother to suicide, I know how important it is to support children’s mental health and reduce suicide and self-harm to zero!  So, if I can rip my shirt off as Slam-Man 17 years later, and dance without a care to demonstrate that it really doesn’t matter what people think, then let’s do it.”
The Crystal Kingdom runs several initiatives supporting the mental health of children, including reading, phoenix and singing workshops in primary and nursery schools.
Paul concluded, “We are raising money to deliver an initial 150 workshops to key stage 2 primary school children over the next 12 months.  We want all state schools to have access to these workshops free of charge and we need your support.”
Donate as little as £5 if you can, but please share this link with friends and family and your wider social media network to help raise awareness.
*Come and watch or join in the reenactment of the music video Slam by Pendulum on Friday 28th October at 12pm at a location to be revealed at 9am that day on the YouTube link below
Follow Paul’s journey on his YouTube link
About The Crystal Kingdom
The purpose is to save lives by establishing a love of reading in young people using the vehicle of the Crystal Kingdom in order to develop Self Esteem & Self Belief, Creativity and Imagination, so they have hope, skills and opportunity to live their best lives.
The Crystal Kingdom is running a number of initiatives to support children’s mental health.
The first is early intervention through reading workshops in primary schools.  This is a key preventative measure, because children who love to read have better mental health as a result.
The workshops are based on the fantasy novel Paul wrote and published in 2018 called ‘The Magical Secret of The Crystal Kingdom’ inspired by his own children after a painful relationship break up. This novel which has been described as ‘a mental health Harry Potter’ and ‘avatar meets the lion the witch and the wardrobe’ provides positive reinforcement for children and young adults.
Each child will receive a pack including a copy of the Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom book so they can continue reading at home, a crystal, an activity book and colouring pencils.
The second is a phonics workshops for Key Stage One. Using a special picture book with a central mirror enables children to look in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations using characters and lessons from the book.
Then, sing along workshops for reception and nursery age children allows early participation in songs with uplifting messages and themes. Each catchy song reminds children that they are amazing just as they are.
Then, RTS & AR games – Aimed at supporting predominately but not limited to teenage boys to get involved through development or playing ‘outside’ their bedrooms.
Then, a Production company – Platform to produce media with positive messages to young people and families and allow mentoring and entrepreneurship to come to the fore.

Then, the Film Adaptation film adaptation of the novel, The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom to spread the positive message to the biggest mainstream audience worldwide. High budget ($75 million) live action photo real animation feature film.


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