What to Do With Old Electronics?

Our world is bursting with electronic devices. Everywhere you look, someone is holding a cell phone, playing with their electronic watch, or looking at current events on their tablet. Most of us don’t just have one device, we have two or three. We use these to keep connected, share important information, dispense advice, and keep up with what our friends and family are doing. So what happens when one of our devices is no longer the newest technology and we want to trade up?

What can you do with old electronics?

Sell your device

When you are looking to declutter your home of all of those unused electronic devices, take a look at the companies available where you can sell electronics for cash. Companies like Gizmogo make the process of selling your electronics quick and easy.

Other ways Gizmogo makes selling your devices simple include:

  • Free shipping – When you express interest in selling your devices on the Gizmogo website, they will send you a shipping label so you can ship them your electronics for free.
  • Fair price – The experts at Gizmogo will assess your items and give you a fair market price for cash.
  • Fast payment- If you decide to accept the offer, then you will receive your payment by transfer in as little as 24 hours.
  • Data protection – You never need to worry about your personal data getting into the wrong hands because Gizmogo will wipe your devices clean of any personal information.

Donate your old devices

There are many good charities that will take your used electronics and rebuild them so they are workable. These charities will donate these items to an underprivileged neighborhood that needs electronic devices for schools, libraries, and community centers. When you donate your device, you should back up all of your information and then wipe it clean. You should be able to find the setting that will take it back to factory reset so you can donate it with peace of mind.

Recycle your device responsibly

There are many recycling centers that will take your old electronic device and break it down for necessary parts to make new items. Electronics contain precious metals like gold and silver which is valuable for rebuilds or making new products. Recycling your device also means that it won’t be contributing to toxic materials seeping into the ground at our landfills.

Reuse your device

You may not realize it, but there are other ways you can use our old electronics other than the original one intended for. Some people use their old cell phones as GPS or to play music in their cars. You can also download podcasts on an old cell phone and listen to them while you are at the gym, or walking your pet. If you have tweens or teenagers, you can activate an old phone for them so they can have a way of communicating with you while they are with their friends or at school. Most of the time, a cell phone is replaced with a newer model, but it still works so it can go to someone else to be useful.


One thing you can do with old electronics is assessing them for future use. If you can still get another year or two out of your cell phone, then don’t replace it. If your tablet is still in good working order, or your laptop just needs a memory upgrade, then continue to use these devices rather than trading them in. The problem we are facing is an overabundance of electronic devices so if the demand goes down then there won’t be as many produced.

There are several things you can do with old electronics that don’t involve throwing them out so they end up in a landfill. When you sell your device to a company like Gizmogo, you know that you are making some quick cash and that your device will not be discarded. If you don’t want to sell your device, then you can donate it to one of the countless charities that will rebuild it, or donate it to a needy community. Reusing your old electronics is another responsible way of recycling it by giving it to a child, or using it for games or a GPS. Finally, reassess whether or not you need a new device or if the old one still has some life left in it for a year or two. You can save yourself some money and help the environment at the same time.