How to get the most out of a rented conference venue

The success of a business meeting is closely related to the attendees experience that depends on the venue, catering services and location you select. Bring quality and positive experience and you’ll make a powerful impression.

It’s easier now – we offer you the best conference venues on Instant.Space when it comes to event organization.

Find a suitable location

Location is all about comfort, proper service and pleasant experience. A suitable place is where you can find warmth, possibility to expand your vision and opportunity for development. A pleasant environment is all it takes to launch beautiful ideas and provide inspiration to all participants. Every business event has the need for the perfect environment to attain the potential on its own.

Check the number of attendees

A large hall or a private room? It all depends on your business goals. Offer the people the place to be if your goal is a large event  and a lot of freedom of movement. A private meeting room will be the best option when you have a small group of attendees and the focus is building on more comfortable relationships.

Choose the right conference venue layout

Upgrade your business event by choosing the best layout. A proper conference hall configuration will create the best impression on your attendees. You can choose from various environment settings and start building your. This will ease your event management. The settings, furniture and the overall settlement will make the difference. Instant.Space will provide you only the suitable conference venues. 


A single rectangular or oval table with chairs placed around that are facing each other

Best for: this is a space that allows focused meetings, brainstorming, open discussions and a great layout for video presentations.

Pros: great for using laptop or other video devices

Cons: it offers a limited view when it comes to presentations


Tables and chairs are arranged in parallel rows facing the front of the room.

Best for:  sessions that have goals learning component such as training and workshops.

Pros: easy interaction and communication between the guest and attendees

Cons: hard to create a bond between participants and is difficult to keep the focus fot hose in the back of the conference room.

H3: U-Shape

This layout is similar to classroom style but they desks and chairs are aligned to facilitate better line of vision with the front of the room.

Best for: is recommended for training sessions, product presentation or a technological simulation (by placing a table in the middle will be easy to reach by all participants.

Pros: facilitate the interaction between the trainer and the participants and allows for the communication to flow

Cons: a limited vision for some seats


Chairs are placed in rows just like you would see in a theatre or cinema.

Best for: accommodating a lot of people attending to the event

Pros: when the space in the conference room is tight

Cons:  isn’t ideal if the people need to take notes as they don’t have a surface to lean/write on


This layout includes a round table with chairs placed around. The participants all face each other while seated at the table.

Best for:  it is suitable for evening events, seated meals and networking sessions where the participants get to know each other.

Pros: each participant will have his own place

Cons:  it can isolate some participants from those sitting at other tables.

Check for accommodation and extras

You have all the best options, with only few clicks.

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Now you can choose the best for your next event or business meeting.