Santa Paws is coming to town the ‘paw’fect luxury gift for man’s best friend

Norfolk UK, November 2, 2022: When it comes to Christmas, our canine companions often get overlooked. But what could be more loving at Christmas than to reward our faithful, trusting companions for all the care and affection they give us- than with their own handmade luxury dog bed?

Luxury at its finest

Handmade to order by Royal Warrant holders to the late Queen Elizabeth II- Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company are leading the way and setting the style for authentic, luxury canine metal beds. Hand-crafted by their exceptional artisans to last without compromising on style or design, each bed is tailor-made to match the high standards this British metal bed maker has become internationally known for.

Each bed is crafted in their Sandringham estate workshop, using only British metal and traditional manufacturing techniques. Showcasing traditional designs, each bed benefits from an FSC pine slatted base and includes a water-resistant mattress made from 100% recycled materials – now that’s luxury.

Made from the heart

But the creation of their dog beds came from personal motivation when their youngest son’s black labrador developed arthritis at a very young age. “When the vet told us Rosie had arthritis at the age of six, we were devastated, and straight away we thought- how are we going to make her comfy?” Amanda Oldfield, Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company founder, says, “The vet’s recommendation was to keep her out of drafts, prevent her from laying on the floor as best we could and ensure she could step up or down into her dog basket.” A wish list any loving dog owner would tackle with gusto- but the hunt for the perfect dog bed proved to be more difficult than imagined. “It was my oldest son who came up with the perfect solution. A dog bed Rosie could step up or down from, raised off the floor and easily positioned away from drafts. And our design remains unchanged to this day.”

Pet bed perfection

A design that came out of necessity has become much loved by many over the years- perfect for dogs of all ages. Puppies can’t chew through them, and older dogs can easily climb into them. These beautifully crafted metal luxury dog beds help dogs escape underfloor heating, keep off cold hard winter floors and can be easily moved.

So this Christmas, why not say thank you to your ‘paw’fect canine companion with a gift that keeps on giving? After all, who can put a price on the love and affection they offer us daily?


Prices from £485.

Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co are proud to be the first iron bed manufacturer globally certified carbon neutral plus. With a drive for sustainability and an ethical supply chain, 100%of the energy used in making their products is from renewable energy, and 100% of their wood is from FSC forests. The CO2 footprint of their dog beds inc shipping is offset through investment in renewable energy resources and re-wilding schemes within the United Kingdom.

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