Meet Joel Albrizio, The Digital Marketer, Political Figure, and Philanthropist

Digital marketing was introduced in the late 90s, but its grip on the world has grown stronger in the past decade. Recently, we have lived in a world that is constantly digitizing. The digital landscape has become very diversified today, more than ever. It has taken everything from business meetings to social interactions by storm.

Within the business fraternity, the marketing function was considered one of the most challenging and tedious aspects, but thanks to the emergence of digital marketing, it has become one of the most indulging and powerful functions employed by businesses nowadays.

We can find plenty of literature highlighting the power of digital marketing and consumer perspectives. For example, a famous book by GM Susanto highlights that digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of business and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the ever-increasing rise in the number of digital marketing companies and online advertising companies has proved the fact that digital marketing strategy is one of the best options out there for increasing the online brand recognition of any company or product.

Evidence suggests that businesses employing digital marketing strategies are likely to become more successful than the ones sticking to traditional marketing approaches. The power of digital marketing does not only rely on customer engagement but is reflected in sustainable customer retention. It holds the ability to convert simple content into impactful brand messages. With digital marketing delivering key messages and content to the targeted audience, companies can increase their online presence within no time!

Similar to this strategy, Joel Albrizio decided to launch a company to help food businesses create a stellar online profile. Being a bright student of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Albrizio climbed the first step towards a successful roadmap almost 40 years ago. Knowing the power of digital marketing, he knew that to build a successful business, it is important to incorporate digital touch into it.

With this forte, he launched “Bad-Adz Digital” and “Prepared Food Photos.” Bad-Adz aims to provide the food industry with a digital appearance. It helps food stores and restaurants to target more audiences. This goal is achieved by getting the zip codes of the areas near a restaurant or a grocery store and sending an informative email about their details to all the clients. These emails also incorporate graphics and videos to attract viewers’ attention, compelling them to visit stores. Similarly, Prepared Food Photos is a platform full of aesthetic culinary photography, where one can purchase any picture and add them to their food menu or online websites.

Knowing that social media possesses great potential, Albrizio has used it to promote food brands. Besides being an exceptional digital marketer, Albrizio has also been involved in several political events. His goal in politics is to work with candidates who could shape current events through the legislature in a positive way for the people of Massachusetts. Some of his political involvements include Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy’s Campaign from 1987 to 1999; Senator Theodore “Ted” Kennedy’s Campaigns from 1988 to 1994; President William “Bill” Clinton Worcester, location & photo ops.’; and dubbed the Monica Lewinsky speech. Additionally, from 2017 to the present, Albrizio has worked extensively with members of Congress to provide legislative protection to photographers or any artist involved in the creative industry. Today, DMCA’s (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) protection can be recognized as the result of his many contributions.

His accomplishments are not only limited to the culinary world and politics, but he has also thrived as a successful philanthropist. Albrizio was on the Board of Directors of ‘Love the Children’ for 17 years. It is an adoption agency specializing in foreign adoptions. In almost 20 years of involvement, Mr. Albrizio played a significant role in nearly 4000 adoptions.

A man with such diversified knowledge and expertise can shape the world accordingly. His efforts are indeed commendable as he has helped a vast network of clientele broaden their reach. Moreover, Albrizio is not slowing down any time soon; he aims to bring a revolution in the culinary world and has invested tremendous efforts to make an impact.