The Digital Marketing Metrics That Really Matter for Your Business

Digital marketing campaigns are imperative for every business. Failure to maximize the online platform could be a missed opportunity. Some businesses became successful by harnessing different online marketing strategies. Not all of them worked, but it’s better to use these strategies than to be behind the game. The good thing is that the company can ask for help from experts like digital marketing in New Orleans agencies. They will help craft the right marketing campaigns to boost the business and also provide a progress analysis. Understanding different digital marketing metrics can help the company determine the next steps.

Traffic share 

There’s no doubt that traffic is an important metric. When more people visit the website, it’s a good thing. There is a bigger chance that some of them will become paying customers. However, traffic alone isn’t a good indicator. It doesn’t necessarily tell the quality of the visitors and if they will potentially become customers. Therefore, it’s important to understand the share of channels. There should be an analysis regarding the source of traffic and which platforms are most effective. The complaints will focus on the most effective platforms and change some strategies used in other channels.

Marketing automation tools, such as bid management software, can quickly determine which advertising platform is best for a particular business. This way, it’s possible to spend all resources wisely while reaching a target demographic.

Engagement ratio

Engagement is also another important metric. It tells the company about the number of people who interacted with social media posts. It indicates the number of likes, comments, and shares. It will then get compared with the number of posts published per day. It’s an important tool to determine if the content shared with the target audiences is effective enough. The lack of engagement means that the posts aren’t triggering excitement. The company needs to craft a better message or change the focus of the online marketing campaign.

Number of unique and returning visitors

Both unique and returning visitors are crucial metrics. Tracking the number of first-time visitors is important because they are yet to know more about the business. If they immediately become paying customers on the first visit, it shows that the marketing campaign is effective. It’s enticing enough that those who didn’t know about the company before immediately decided to pay for the products and services offered. However, the number of returning visitors is also important. These are people who will soon become customers. They only need a little bit of push to get the products and services a shot. They wouldn’t return to the website if they didn’t find it interesting or think the products are relevant.

Bounce rate

Asking people to visit your website is only half the task. Making them stay after seeing the website requires a different strategy. They found the website since it’s one of the pages recommended by search engines. However, if they immediately closed the link after opening it, it’s a terrible thing. A higher bounce rate is bad news. There are two possibilities if the bounce rate is high. The first one is that the website isn’t interesting enough. There’s nothing that entices users to stay and explore more. Another possibility is that the marketing campaign targeting the wrong people. Therefore, when they open the website, they immediately left. It wasn’t a perfect match for them. Analyzing the balance for it will help the business think of other ways to entice potential customers.

Conversion rate 

The ultimate goal of the online marketing campaign is to increase the conversion rate. It refers to the number of people who visited the website and became paying customers. It means that they found what they wanted, and they liked the products sold by the company. If the conversion rate is high, the business will get more profits. It’s even better if the conversion rate is higher for returning customers. It shows that the business is starting to have a more loyal base. These people will most likely come back in the future to avail of more products and services. If the conversion rate is low, it means that the website is terrible. There should be changes in web design to make the page more appealing. There should also be an improvement in elements such as videos and graphics. They don’t seem enticing enough that those who visited the page decide to buy.

Qualified leads

Advertising using different platforms is important because it produces qualified leads. However, there’s no guarantee that the people who visited the website or the social media pages will most likely become customers. The good thing is that there are tools to determine if there’s a chance that these visitors will ultimately become customers. Understanding what they want will make it easier to target them and convince them to become loyal to the brand. It’s still a long way, and it starts by analyzing the qualified leads.

Content cost

While most online marketing campaigns are free, the business also needs to spend money. Therefore, it’s also important to understand the content cost. How much did the business pay to get the required results? Is the amount reasonable enough? If the spending is way too high, but the return of investment is slow, there needs to be a change in strategy. The business might also be spending on the wrong campaign or is using the wrong platforms to advertise. Hence, the cost seems disproportionately higher than the results.

Hiring a digital marketing agency

These metrics indicate that the business needs to work harder to attract more attention. The good thing is that there are digital marketing agencies that can help in thinking of the right strategies. Experts like the digital marketing New Orleans agencies have provided help to several companies in the past. They know what it takes to make a company more successful. They also try different strategies and analyzed them. Working with these agencies will give the company a leg up. Instead of thinking about different campaigns from scratch, the agency will provide useful information that will most likely lead to positive results. Again, there’s no assurance that the metrics will immediately become great. However, it’s better than not having any help at all.

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