From Concept to Launch: Our Website Design Process Explained

From Concept to Launch: Our Website Design Process Explained

Have you ever wanted to create a website but lacked proper guidance? It is certainly no easy feat. Building a successful website isn’t just about what pages you put up. It takes a methodical process to make sure all is well. At our website design agency, Oxford, we support you from concept to completion for the best results. Let’s learn what goes on in the different phases of this process.

Discovery Phase

The process always starts with a discovery stage. We have to understand your client’s business, goals, target market, and competitors. We do this by asking questions in a questionnaire and meeting to flesh out ideas and conduct ongoing research throughout. The discovery stage is required to inform decision-making throughout the project.

Planning and Strategy

Once we have a clear understanding of your client’s business and goals, move forward to the planning and strategy stage. We create a project plan with a detailed project timeline and milestones. We also create a site architecture (sitemap) and wireframes to plan your website structure and user journey to your website goals most effectively.

Design Phase

The design stage is where the website starts to take shape. We create visual concepts and mockups based on your client’s brand and specific preferences. The designs can be iterated upon based on your client’s feedback until you are happy with the approved design.

Content Creation

Content is critical in keeping users engaged and helping with SEO. We work with our clients to create example content and images to develop solid content for customers, while also ensuring that it is SEO-friendly to drive users to your site.

Development Phase

In the development stage, we start to build the website using the latest web technologies and best practices. We build all websites to be responsive and well-optimised for all devices and speed up your website’s loading time.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before launch, there is a lot of testing to do. We do usability testing, check for cross-browser compatibility, and conduct performance checks as well. After the testing is complete, we identify and fix issues. Our team rapidly documents the current issues and works on improving them till the highest quality content is assured for the client.


Finally, on launch day, there are some things to consider to make it as successful as possible such as getting the final sign-off and preparing your hosting environment. Choosing the right time to launch ensures that all elements are covered and aligned with our goals.

Post-Launch Support

It is not the end just yet. Our services continue even after the launch. Our post-launch support will meet all your follow-up needs—updating, testing, maintenance, and the bunch. Throughout, we employ analytics and performance testing to measure and improve your website’s performance. This post-launch means we maintain a long-term relationship supporting our contribution. Ultimately, it means your website evolves and grows in support of your business goals and strategy.


In sum, our methodology for web design & web development results in high-quality, performing, and, above all else, effective websites that deliver exactly what our clients need. Sharp, professional website design in Oxford is what we do best so get in touch today to talk about your web design project and to see how we can take your ideas and make them a reality.