New Conversion Strategies That Will Get Customers To Part With Their Cash

Getting a lead is hard enough, but actually converting someone can seem like an impossible task. As the promoter of a product or service, you know the value that it could bring a customer, but they might be on the fence. 

Over the years, though, marketing gurus have developed a bunch of strategies that help to make conversion all but guaranteed. Here are some of the new methods you should deploy to stop customers from vacillating and buy your products. 

Put Testimonials Front And Center

Some firms believe that the best way to get customers to buy from them is to engage in a little self-promotion. They, therefore, plaster their websites with all manner of grandiose statements in the hope that some of them will stick. 

This approach, however, has a serious flaw. It doesn’t matter how compelling you make your copy; customers are still going to know that it comes from you. And, if that’s the case, then they will remain skeptical of your claims. 

When you put testimonials front and center, though, you fundamentally change the nature of the game. Now you’re getting your audience’s peers to do the marketing for you, instantly making it far more believable. 

Turn Your Homepage Into A Sales Funnel

Firms have a nasty habit of designing home pages as if they are maps, directing customers to different products and services across their site. Sure, they have individual product funnels, but the front page of their website bucks the trend. 

This approach wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t cost companies sales. When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of landing pages and product funnel pages if the main page on your website is just a navigation tool. Shouldn’t every page operate under the same paradigm? 

Homepage funnels, therefore, are becoming increasingly popular. The idea here is to use the homepage to aggregate individual sales funnels, creating a consistent marketing approach. Ideally, customers arrive at the homepage and quickly see which route they should take to get the products and services that they want. 

Follow Up Your Leads

People who visit your website will rarely buy from you immediately, especially if your products are expensive. Instead, they’ll do a bit of reading and then take some time to consider whether they want to use your services. 

Following up leads, however, is vital because most people lose interest in products over time. When they view your advertising material, they see the benefit. Then slowly, that memory fades from their minds and they wind up concentrating on other things, forgetting the value that you offer them. 

The trick in this situation is to capture their contact details in the first interaction so that you can follow up in the future. Make sure, therefore, that you get their email address at the very least, if not their phone number. Then, drip-feed them texts and emails, reminding them of the benefits they can get from using your services. Taken together, these tips should significantly boost your ability to convert. 

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