How to get more benefits by hiring a dedicated software QA team

If you develop software, you know very well that such work cannot be done without the help of testers. Even the most experienced and highly skilled programmer is not immune to mistakes. Keeping a team of testers on your staff is optional, as hiring outsourcing specialists is much more profitable. Today we want to discuss why it is more beneficial and how to choose the perfect partner.

Why is it more profitable to hire specialists from outside and not to hire them on staff?

Many software development companies prefer to hire outside specialists because this allows you to save a lot of time and money and get a good quality of service.

When you are testing, you need to bring in a few experts and provide them with a good salary. If you work on a large number of different projects, this makes sense, but if you have a small startup, it would be more profitable to hire a dedicated Quality Assurance team for outsourcing.

Typically, such specialists have extensive experience and can perform their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, they will only charge a little for their services.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a partner?

You can get outstanding services if you can choose the perfect partner. It can sometimes be challenging because you must go through several crucial steps.

Assess your stakeholders

Before you start looking for new partners, you need to assess the culture of your office. These are not only the rules you follow every day but also the people who are interested in the success of your business.

Please meet with them and discuss the main features you want to see in a potential partner and what they advise you to pay attention to. Perhaps they have teams in mind that they have collaborated with in the past.

Also, such meetings will help you understand what types of testing you need, given the project specification, how much time and money you can allocate for testing, how you want to communicate with testers and other technical issues.

Evaluate your company’s methodology

When creating any software, you must prescribe a methodology for developing software and testing. You may realize that some decisions need to be corrected or want to change something in the company’s work. It is of great importance not only for large organizations but also for small startups.

Targeted social events and testing conferences

Today in the world, there are a large number of events and conferences dedicated to testing. Here you meet people interested in developing this direction in IT and finding ideal partners for cooperation.

Here you can get more information about the QA testing process if you need more knowledge, and you can also get to know a lot of different testers.

At such events, you can declare your desire to find testers, after which you will be able to receive applications from a large number of different specialists, which means you can choose the most suitable candidate from this list.

Gathering potential options online

Another standard search option is the Internet. Here you can find many companies that can meet your requirements. Please look closely at their websites and social networks (LinkedIn and Twitter). Hence, you can use your company’s online presence to recruit candidates faster without much investment.

Ask questions about the procedure they follow

When you select several candidates, you need to conduct interviews. It will allow you to understand each team’s principles, prices, work deadlines, and other technical issues. Writing the questions that matter most to you in advance would be best.

It will allow you to evaluate professionalism, coding knowledge, ability to work with various testing tools, quality of reporting, and many other points.

Test testers

On the surface, many testers are well-qualified, but when it comes down to it, problems can arise. Thus, we advise you to conduct small tests to assess the fundamental level of professionalism. Also, at this stage, you will be able to set the restrictions that you encounter regularly.

Appreciate Teamwork

Evaluating KPI for Quality Assurance team is half the job. You also need to understand how the team works as a whole. We advise you to see how the whole team works as a whole. You need to know how different specialists interact with each other.

If the team has a tense environment, this can lead to big problems in the future. So, due to poor communication in the group, specialists can delay deadlines for work, miss errors, and make reports incorrectly.