Mecatos Cafe & Bakery

About The Business

The Mecatos Cafe & Bakery is a Colombian food-based cafe that prides itself on providing a lovely drink of coffee with a wide choice of delicious foods and desserts.

The Specialty of the Business

Mecatos Cafe & Bakery offers something incredibly unique and special, which is their ability to bring scrumptious Columbian-based food and coffee together, which is something that you won’t find anywhere else in Orlando, even when searching for desserts near me, the Mecatos Cafe & Bakery shows up first, signifying that they have some highly sought after dessert as well.


The Mecatos Cafe & Bakery currently has four different locations in the city of Orlando, with three more stores under construction and a recently opened franchisee store.

The four current locations of the stores are Lake Underhill, Waterford Lakes, Downtown, and finally Lake Nona which is the new store opened by a franchisee.

The next three stores that are being built are located at Hofner Avenue, Ocoee, and Metro West.

The Ambiance of the Mecatos stores

When walking into any Mecatos Cafe & Bakery location, you’ll instantly be greeted with a simplistic South-American orange & red design style, giving it the perfect vibe and feel of an out-of-country food experience.

One part of any Mecatos Store that makes it feel immersive is the dessert menu, with the great Columbian twist this menu could make for a unique meal combination, even sounds like a great chance to get some desserts near me.

What to Expect

When you enter any Mecatos Cafe & Bakery store, you’ll be presented with a well-thought-out uniform layout that is typical across any of the Mecatos stores, providing you with a similar feel no matter what Mecatos Cafe & Bakery store you enter.

Expect great customer service as the employees provide a quick and easy service from which to order your Columbian-style food and coffee, making you feel instantly welcome the second you walk in the doors.

What Foods are on Offer

There are just so many foods that are that delicious, it can make it quite an exciting decision to make.

The categories of Columbian-based foods on offer are quite wide, here’s a list.

  • Combo deals are served with a drink.
  • Yummy Columbian-based desserts
  • Delicious bread that is baked and served in Colombian fashion.
  • Awesome Columbian-based pastries
  • Coffee that ranges from a typical cafe style to a Mecatos style with their own twist
  • Scrumptious Cookies

And finally, a unique Colombian drink called Postobon that is proudly served at Mecatos.

Why should you visit?

With yummy and unique food on offer, all delivered in a style that can’t be found anywhere else, Mecatos Cafe & Bakery put the cherry on top when it comes to all aspects of serving food.

Whether you like to just pop down the street during your break hour to have lunch, or you’re looking to pick something up for dinner, Mecatos will never fail on presenting you with just about any option that can be served any hour of the day.

Paired with the amazing vibe and feel of the store, you’ll be wanting to come back for more, especially when you get your first taste of Columbian-style food that just melts in your mouth, there’s nothing else like it.