Bubble Tea: Why Has It Become A More Preferred Alternative To Tea And Coffee?

Bubble tea – These days, nearly everyone knows how delicious and flavorsome this tea variant can be, containing succulent, chewable flavored balls. Be it fruit-flavored chilled glasses, chocolate drizzled, or conventional tea you are habituated to drinking twice a day, bubble tea is available in all these options and many more. Maybe, because of being so delicious and having these wide varieties, this tea from Taiwan has become a staple of Western culture.

Increasing the reasons for preferring it more, a wide range of toppings and fillings also remain accessible for tea-lovers who like mixing and matching. Moreover, currently, people are seen to favor bubble tea more than conventional tea and coffee. Hence, discovering why bubble tea replaces the refreshing beverages we were habituated with has become essential.

Looks Better

If you have seen bubble tea, you know it looks far better than usual coffee or tea. It is because later mentioned beverages are black and become brownish when milk is added. On the other hand, bubble tea can be in various colors based on which flavor you choose for yourself and the toppings you add. Therefore, it makes them far more visually appealing than traditional tea and coffee.

Contains Lesser Caffeine

Boba tea is tea at the end of the day. Hence, it contains caffeine that everyone needs to kick start their days energetically and stay active. Yet, it doesn’t contain caffeine in the quantity a cup of coffee does.

While around 150 mg of caffeine can be found in a regular cup of coffee, it’s only 20 to 40 mg for boba tea. It means even if you drink more than 3 glasses of boba tea, the caffeine content you consume will remain lesser than a cup of coffee. It further implies no overconsumption of caffeine, no sensations of restlessness, and no sleepless nights.

These reasons are enough to make tea and coffee lovers shift towards boba tea, and companies like Pearl Lemon Boba offer bubble tea subscription box UK. Being one of the best bubble tea providers in the United Kingdom, this company also provides separate subscription plans for offices, serving businesses, restaurants & cafes, and more, apart from delivering fresh bubble tea for individuals from around the country.

Tastes Excellent

You already know that by choosing bubble tea, you can have yours in any flavor. Plenty of fruit syrups and toppings, which you can chew, are available for you to try. In addition, bubble tea doesn’t leave any bitter taste in the mouth that coffee does typically and has a more natural, delicate, and sweet taste.

Your Body also Loves Bubble Tea

Indeed, how bubble tea looks and tastes and how much caffeine is present in one glass are functional factors escalating it over customary preferences. However, they are not the only ones, as bubble tea also encompasses some direct benefits for your health.

Firstly, it gives strength and energy to your body. It strengthens the immune system and helps you shun radical damage. Besides, who doesn’t know tea’s capability of releasing stress? So does boba tea look like a better option to you now?