Fair trade Christmas gifting made easier thanks to Paper High’s Christmas guide

Paper High, one of the UK’s leading handmade and personalised gift stores, is advocating for a more sustainable Christmas through the launch of their Ultimate Fair Trade Gift Guide. Offering  useful suggestions and details into how shoppers can buy ethical presents for all the family, the company aims to help everyone shop more consciously this year. 

The core principles of Fairtrade 

Choosing the right Christmas gifts for friends and family can be difficult, and picking great presents that are ethical too can be a major challenge. However the ultimate gift guide from Paper High solves this problem by not only offing thoughtful gifts, for family and friends of all ages, but also only recommending those ones that are ethical too. Some of the sustainable handpicked gifts featured on the guide include a Fair Trade silk scarf, a leather wallet, and a personalised photo album. 

Why choose Fair Trade Christmas Gifts?

Fair Trade Christmas gifts value the skills, traditions, and communities of their creators. In a world where it’s easy to be disconnected from the way our goods are made, the guide helps buyers understand who made it, and how it was made. The online resource guarantees that the artisans behind the products are paid fairly for their expertise, with good working conditions and support for their communities. 

 About Paper High 

Paper High is a multichannel retailer of Fair Trade and personalised gift products.  All Paper High producers must follow the 10 principles of Fair Trade, which include no child or forced labour, no discrimination, good working conditions with fair payment, opportunities for disadvantaged producers, and respect for the environment. It means that people and planet are always put first. It even means that their community’s benefit, with many of our producers working with charities and organisations that provide better access to healthcare, education, and social initiatives. Take a look at their website to find out more.
So if you haven’t done your ethical present shopping yet, take a look at Paper High’s Ultimate Fair Trade Christmas Gift guide here.