Its lights, camera, action as UNOFEX Patron prepares to host prestigious nominees celebration

Its lights, camera, action as UNOFEX Patron prepares to host prestigious nominees celebration
The Union of Excellence (UNOFEX), an exclusive network and community for professionals in film, TV, fashion, and art, is set to host its nominee award celebration in Lucerne Switzerland this December. Honouring the best of the best working in international film, 11 of 14 participating countries will be in attendance. The After-Award Nominees Day was initiated by the UNOFEX patron and curator Deivis H. Valdes. 
Returning after two years following the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration aims to bring the film industry together. UNOFEX is back with this physical event. The international winners, nominees, and crew members of film casts across the globe will celebrate in Lucerne’s 5-star Grand Hotel National, located on the famous lake promenade of the city. 

An evening of excellence

On the night of the black-tie event, guests will be greeted with refreshments, alongside the opportunity to network with like-minded industry directors, actors, and on-screen stars. The event will proceed to the awarding and certification of winners and nominees, alongside a red carpet photocall. Finally, guests are invited to eat at the hotel’s world-renowned bar and restaurant, ending the evening with consumption of a fine selection of cocktails and snacks. 

 About the Union of Excellence

The UNOFEX remains as the first organization who assigns Accreditation and Industry Certification in 5 major areas of the creative industry. To date, the UNOFEX has accredited, supported, and nominated hundreds of industry professionals, including award-winning talent from the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences (AMPAF). The awards also accredit leaders, and global operation corporations which meet the ethical, moral and qualitative requirements of the UNOFEX.