Vegan DIY Cosmetics Start Up Featured On ITV

Vegan DIY Cosmetics Start Up Featured On ITV

Handmade vegan cosmetics brand, Hug the Earth, chosen to featured on ITV’s This Morning as one of the Best Craft Kits

Hug the Earth, a family-run cosmetics brand, was recently given an unexpected boost when one of its products was selected to feature on ITV’s award-winning daytime show, This Morning, a program that receives 1 million daily viewers on average.

Craft kit creator Dhespina, founded the eco-friendly DIY business after she discovered the simple secret to making cruelty-free skincare products for herself and wanted to share with others. As the business expanded, her mother joined to help prepare the kit ingredients, with her father stepping in to build the boxes.

Dhespina was approached by This Morning’s Lifestyle and Beauty team to feature as one of the Best Craft Kits presented by Georgina Burnett alongside Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond. You can watch it here

“During last year’s lockdown, I had recently left my previous role but was unable to do the traveling I had planned. So I had the time to develop and make vegan skincare products and the kits which can help others to do so too. I never would have expected that my homegrown lockdown venture would expand so quickly and even be featured on national television!” said Dhespina, founder of Hug the Earth.

The presenters expressed that the lip balm kit is a great gift, but also mistakenly implied the product is not vegan by stating it includes beeswax. Dhespina commented ” It is an easy mistake to make, especially if you are unaware that there are alternatives to beeswax. At Hug the Earth we make sure we do not use beeswax as often it is not sustainable or ethical”

To meet the growing demands from ethically-conscious consumers, the cosmetics market is gradually shifting to cruelty-free, vegan products. As this shift is occurring, Hug the Earth aims to help consumers to explore the possibility of making their own cruelty-free products while the market catches up to the demand. “By making your own products you know exactly what is in them” said Dhespina.

Hug the Earth is a result of several experiments to create homemade skincare products, a move that has turned out to be fruitful, to say the least. The products from the brand are formulated to be eco-friendly without compromising quality, especially in the aspect of ingredients used. Hug the Earth is continually developing new products which will always be ethically sourced and free from any animal products.

The brand currently offers lip balm kits with flavours carrying from peppermint to rose to sweet orange, all containing plant-based ingredients, such as shea butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, and candelilla wax.

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