Crypto News: Investors Keep Close Watch On Big Eyes Coin and Nexo with the Optimism for them to Explode

The crypto winter wreaked great havoc in the coin market, and many investors are actively on the lookout for any crypto assets that can bring recompense. Big Eyes Coin  (BIG) is among the new projects enthusiasts believe could start an impressive portfolio recovery, alongside Nexo, an existing cryptocurrency tipped to explode anytime soon.

These crypto projects possess unique features and utilities that position them for an impressive rally in the coming months. Their adoption and optimism grow daily, and market indicators show they may be worthy of serious consideration.

Nexo (NEXO) – The Lenders Platform 

Nexo (NEXO) is a decentralized multipurpose cryptocurrency platform where users can trade, swap, and earn interest on crypto assets. The platform incentivizes every crypto purchase and exchange while allowing users to borrow against their assets at 0% APR.

The blockchain platform boasts 5+ million users globally and has completed close to $100 billion in transactions in less than 5 years. These stats are indicators of Nexo’s adoption and increasing prominence.

It is one of the first lending platforms to offer instant crypto-backed loans. Nexo uses oracle and smart contracts to manage and automate the lending process, making it faster, more accurate, and transparent.

NEXO is the network’s native token. The ERC-20 token helps holders get dividends from the platform’s profit, gives lenders discounts on accumulated interests, and helps liquidity providers earn interest on deposited funds. It is needed to complete transactions, and every reward on the platform is paid in NEXO.

The cryptocurrency has declined by over 70% from its initial all-time high, but it shows strong signs of recovering soon. It’s a crypto asset to watch during this Q4 and beyond closely.

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is another crypto asset with great potential that’s worth monitoring. Unlike Nexo, it is a new crypto project, and it’s still at presale. However, the meme coin with DeFi utility has made an impact in the market already. It stands out as a unique cat-theme meme coin amidst the numerous dog-theme meme projects in the market. This has contributed to its increased popularity, as many believe it will pave the way for the rise in prominence of other cat-theme projects.

Big Eyes Coin  doesn’t bank on its cute cat appeal alone. The crypto asset has other features and functions that have helped it gain much adoption and attracted top crypto enthusiasts. It has NFTs-related use cases and will have its unique collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will be useful in the Big Eyes Coin’s ecosystem and valuable in the marketplace.

The Ethereum-based project also has a swap that will make crypto exchanges cost-effective, fast, and seamless. Transactions on the swap will be completed leveraging its ERC-20 token, BIG. BIG will be responsible for every payment and other activity required in the project’s ecosystem, including selling and buying NFTs and Big Eyes Coin  merchandise.

The meme coin will also ensure that funds are allocated judiciously for important activities like auto-burning to maintain the token’s value, LP acquisition, and charity intervention to protect the world’s ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is selling rapidly at presale, and you should join the revolution now, which it is at a low price.

Also, the team behind Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have announced that they are doing a bonus tokens giveaway. To claim the bonus tokens use the code: SUSHI606 when purchasing BIG tokens.

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