Looking for a new cryptocurrency for 100X gains? Check out Big Eyes and how it aims to catalyze the DeFi space

What is Big Eyes?

They might be inspired by social media memes, but there’s nothing to joke about the business that meme coins can bring in. A full-stack blockchain-based digital asset, there’s more to meme coins than many investors like to believe. They have more practical uses that take investors beyond the realm of investing. Take the case of Big Eyes. Big Eyes is a soon-to-be-launched meme coin that aims to change the decentralized finance landscape by liberalizing access to it. The platform will be working on accelerating the adoption of DeFi solutions through a series of measures like NFT trading, token swapping, spreading awareness about the DeFi protocols, and encouraging its community members to participate in its operations. It also has a native token, BIG, that can be used for staking and other similar transactional purposes. Interested buyers will be able to purchase the token on presale. Incidentally, the launch of the token comes at a time when community tokens are increasingly driving impact as a tool for passive income generation.

The story behind Big Eyes’ name

There’s an interesting story as to how the token got its name and it is based on the eventful life of a cat called Big Eyes who lived in Washington DC. Adopted by a rocket scientist couple who worked at Nasa, Big Eyes had a comfortable life saving his complex due to his big eyes. It wasn’t uncommon for people to call him cute, but for Big Eyes, that cute meant being meek or weak. All was well until life took a sudden turn when the couple abandoned the cat to pursue a YouTube experiment based on dark matter. All of three, Big Eyes was left to fend for himself. He decided to make the most of his circumstances and decided to travel around the world by hitching a ride on a yacht. What followed was a sea voyage that taught him many lessons about life and how yoga can benefit one’s body. But life still had more surprises in store for him. One day a sea storm struck and threw Big Eyes into the water. He was saved by a humpback whale who left on the shores of Japan. Big Eyes spent the next few months exploring the culture of the country and taking an interest in the art of making sushi and practicing zazen. It was during a meditation session that he realized that his cuteness was a strength that he could cash in and earn millions of dollars via memes based on him. The epiphany changed his life and set the ball rolling for the Big Eyes meme coin.

Is the Big Eyes project a scam?

The brain behind the Big Eyes network is a group of talented professionals with extensive experience who are working hard to ensure that users get the best experience and that the platform can garner the right kind of attention. The team is headed by Top Cat or PawZilla who runs a tight ship and has a knack for achieving perfection. Next, the technical side of the business is supervised by Tech Cat or CatNipper. The pair of OpCats – TenPaws and CatSuit – ensure that the daily operations go on smoothly. Meanwhile, the Law Cat or the CatsEyes looks into legal matters for the Big Eyes team. Over time, the team plans to build on the existing blockchain ecosystem to create a self-propagating platform where each element can generate wealth and thrive.

The platform also has a dynamic structure that can be tweaked and customized as per users’ requirements. For instance, users will be able to get charges for services like auto-burn function, maintenance of marketing wallet, and liquidity pool acquisition adjusted in their tax bill.

All you need to know about the BIG Token

The native token of the platform is a versatile token that has several use cases and is the only thing that users need to fully enjoy all that Big Eyes has to offer. The token’s total supply is fixed at 200,000,000,000 units and a whopping 90% of it will be set aside for public presale so that all investors get the chance to invest in the token. Of the remaining 10% token supply, 5% will be set aside to fund marketing and promotional activities and, another 5% will be dedicated to charitable organizations. Moreover, any transaction to sell or purchase these tokens will not be taxed by the platform. The token comes with an auto-burn function that ensures that the supply of the token remains stable and price fluctuations remain minimal.

How to purchase the BIG Token?

If you are interested in purchasing the BIG Token, the process is fairly simple and you can even use your debit or credit card. Alternatively, users also have the option of using Ethereum’s ETH and Tether’s USDT Tokens. The first thing that users need to take care of is a digital wallet. They must have downloaded MetaMask or any other digital wallet that is compatible with WalletConnect — an open-source tool for helping mobile phone users connect to dApps — before proceeding. The Big Eyes team recommends MetaMask for desktop users and Trust Wallet for mobile phone users. With the wallet activated, users now have to select the payment method and pay the bill. Those using debit or credit cards will first have to purchase ETH tokens and then use them for purchasing BIG Tokens. Users should have at least $15 worth of ETH tokens in their wallet to be able to purchase the minimum amount of BIG Tokens that the platform allows people to purchase. Once that’s done, they can visit the claims page where they can access the purchased tokens once the presale ends.

What does Big Eyes have in store for investors?

Given the allocation of tokens and funds to marketing activities, the platform has in place a well-rounded plan to ensure that Big Eyes can serve the right audience and ramp up its reach. For starters, the platform will be partnering with social media influencers to spread the word about its features and potential. These activities would be organized in a phased manner to ensure that they serve the platform well through its various phases of growth. Community members will also be able to purchase official merchandise to form a stronger bond with the brand. Plus, they can also participate in fundraising pitches.

A key advantage that users will be able to get their hands on rewards. Big Eyes was envisaged as a community-driven platform where community members are encouraged to participate in its daily operation. With its policy of incentivized participation, users can look forward to attractive incentives for participation. The higher the level of engagement, the more will be the rewards. Community members will be rewarded in terms of NFTs and BIG tokens.

The Big Eyes platform is a well-oiled machine that is working efficiently to enable its users to generate wealth with DeFi protocols. In the process, it is also striving to ‘unconfuse’ the DeFi ecosystem. Due to the nascent stage of the DeFi space, roughly 1% of the world’s population has access to these protocols, as the other 99% reels under a centralized financial services ecosystem. Be its next-generation back-end systems or niche features like Big Eyes Swap, there are several elements of the Big Eyes network that will help people in educating themselves about DeFi and its underlying blockchain technology. There will also be resources like ‘how-to’ guides and in-depth tutorials that will guide users and enable them to enhance their knowledge.

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Learn more about the Big Eyes Token:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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