Big Eyes Coin Could be The Perfect Crypto Present, as Toncoin and Monero Plummet

If you want to give an innovative crypto gift to your friends and loved ones by the end of this year, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could be on your watchlist here, as it kept growing even when the market was crashing. It is yet to launch officially, but the ongoing presale has caught the eye of many people. Let’s take a brief look at BIG but before that, look at what Toncoin (TON) and Monero (XMR) offer.

Toncoin (TON) – Trading names on Telegram

Toncoin (TON) is a layer-1 decentralized blockchain founded in 2018 as a privacy protector for Telegram. It was formerly known as GRAM, but after the TON foundation took over the token, they changed the name to TON, which stands for “The Only Network.” Developers’ primary focus is scalability, efficiency, ultra-fast transactions, and mass adoption.

Unique Characteristics of Toncoin (TON)

It also offers a wallet that allows for fast and secure transactions. On top of that, TON lets Telegram users sell domain names as third-party sellers. It uses sharding technology to improve its transaction speed and network efficiency.

Trading Price and Marketcap

The current trading price of TON is around $1.8, fluctuating depending on the demand. As for its marketcap, it is over $2 billion, which helps it in ranking in the top 26 projects.

Monero (XMR) – A Privacy-focused Token

Monero (XMR) was launched in 2014 to provide private and anonymous transactions on the blockchain network. It uses advanced cryptography to hide the identities of the seller and the buyer. The team focuses on the anonymity and security of its users above everything else.

Unique features of Monero (XMR)

XMR allows users to make quick transactions on the blockchain network without fearing censorship. Irrespective of users’ knowledge, XMR lets everyone use the network’s protocols. Many projects have tried to create a private server, but only XMR has managed to make a transparent yet private network.

Future Plans for XMR

XMR is looking to launch a layer-2 network for scalability and more efficiency in safely adding the funds and identities of its users. Many network upgrades are also planned ahead of time.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – The Cat taking over the Doge

It is a new crypto token featuring a cat with big eyes, hence its name. You might have been tired of hearing the dogs bark in the market, so BIG has come to replace the sound with a meow. It aims to bring people towards cryptocurrency and make it easier for them to trade by providing educational content.

NFT Collection

If you look at its Roadmap, you’ll see an NFT launch which means that BIG is planning to launch an NFT collection. The team claims that this collection will be among the top 10 projects in no time, and the project will give early access to individuals who are part of the BIG community.

Charity Donations

There will be three rounds of charity donations. The network will make the first one during the project’s second phase, and so on. The 5% supply of tokens will be released to charity in Phase 4, which plans to take the BIG coin to new heights of utility and attraction.

Get ready to buy BIG tokens in Presale

The BIG coin has not left any stone unturned in marketing as it wants people worldwide to glimpse the project offers. To become a part of the BIG community and get access to exclusive content, NFT, and educational content, buy BIG coins during the presale from its website at the lowest prices. BIG is currently in the 7th stage of the presale, where it has accumulated over $11 million and is not stopping at any point. You can buy a bunch of these tokens, as the price of these coins is extremely low at the moment.

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