The Secret Key To Increase Your Income

Time is the most important factor when it comes to building wealth from nothing or growing your money from something. And that’s the secret every successful person in business is fully aware of.

The sole reason why you see self-made millionaires preach about the importance of decision-making at the right time is to increase your income, earnings, and overall wealth.

For instance, using a secured credit card to start building or rebuilding your credit profile, following a budget to manage the finances, and learning about the investment earlier to help your retirement income are some other key secrets that can help your financial journey.

Here’s a detailed guide on increasing your income:

Increase Your Income – The Secret Key

We all want to find that tried and tested recipe for becoming rich and successful. However, deep down, we think it isn’t going to be something that any average human can do. Right?

We usually believe that only the rich can become richer, and you need a hefty sum to start doubling your money. Well, that’s false, and the self-made millionaire Grant Cardone agrees with us.

“The secret key to increasing your income lies in adding multiple streams!”

However, he also explains you have to choose the streams that flow continuously instead of something that’s good for the short run but won’t work in the long run. This literally means you should include multiple income streams or passive income while working your permanent job.

Can you increase your income solely with multiple income streams (without a permanent job)? See, to fully understand this, you must fully understand the concept of passive income.

“As the name suggests, it’s an income where you’re not actively involved all the time.”

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s a good way to boost your income. The thing to understand here is that you must not rely on a single source of income and expect it to double or triple just like that!

But what else can you do? Or, mainly, how can you add multiple income streams to help increase your income? Here are some helpful tips:

1.    Invest All Day, Every Day!

The key to adding multiple income streams is by investing money every day till you make it and can say: “Okay, now, that’s enough money!”. Grant explains that he never missed a day when he didn’t put any money into his investment accounts.

Of course, you can’t always add a huge sum, but the tip here is to contribute anything and everything you can. Yes, even if it’s a mere $5 bill.

2.    Don’t Forget To Pay Yourself!

One of the key principles of creating wealth includes paying yourself first and then everybody else. Now, note this money isn’t for partying, dining out, or lavish spending. Instead, you should automate a fraction of your paycheck to your main accounts like:

  • Savings,
  • Emergency,
  • Retirement, etc.

The purpose of paying yourself first is simple: You get to save something for your emergency and retirement accounts. But, most importantly, the money left behind is everything you have for your spending so you can create a better budgeting plan.

Yes, that’s a key step towards becoming rich!

3.    Focus On Having A Decision-Making Mindset!

Having a solution-driver mindset is the last tip for increasing your income and adding multiple streams to build your wealth. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that all the rich and successful people practice this regularly.

Investing in a decision-making mindset is essential to build your wealth from nothing. The reason is simple: you don’t delay the problems. Instead, you solve them and take a step forward toward your life goals.


Here read a short Q & A session before concluding this comprehensive yet short and simple guide:

1.    What are the top 3 ways of increasing your income?

Following are the top tips that can help you increase your money:

  • Understand your employee benefits,
  • Add multiple passive income ways,
  • Invest in a small business,

You can also start an online blogging site or utilize your skills to make short videos that can help attract investors or advertisement agencies. One got to do everything he can! You never know what will give your finances a breakthrough. 🙂

2.    How to build wealth from nothing?

Nobody starts big. Every famous entrepreneur was once at the bottom and made his or her way up to the skies of money and success. Here’s what you also can do to build your wealth from nothing:

  • Understand how money works,
  • Regulate your source of income,
  • Increase your financial literacy,
  • Listen to the success stories,
  • Practice good budgeting,
  • Improve your investment skills,
  • Prepare for emergency funds,
  • Think about early retirement.

All these can motivate you to increase your money and help you partner with the right people.

3.    What is the secret to getting rich?

If we have to answer this in one word: Planning! Or, to say, the right planning. Yes, the secret to getting rich, increasing your income, building your wealth, and creating a strong investment profile all lies in the right planning.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 bank balance or enough to put in a side business, if your financial planning isn’t up to the mark, you are going to lose everything.

Bottom Line

Having adequate money can’t guarantee happiness or contentment, but at least you don’t have to worry about finances while dealing with other issues in your life.

In fact, a high income gives you satisfaction and a chance to live your life to the fullest. But isn’t it better to stress over your everyday problems while sipping on an expensive wine sitting in a fancy place? Sure, it is.

Is it your dream to build enough wealth, so you don’t have to worry about money in your retirement? Do you want to leave enough bank balance so that your kids or grandkids can live a life you don’t get to? Yes, it’s definitely possible!

All you have to do is read this guide on increasing your income! Don’t worry. It’s never too late to start. The right time for everything is now!