LONDON, UK 22nd December – Looking for a new diary to jot down notes or the perfect gift? House of Tula, a London-based, environmentally friendly, luxury journal outfit may be the perfect fit. Founded this year by Priyanshu Nath, House of Tula specializes in creating journals made completely from recycled cotton waste. 

The company’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at recycled cotton. In light of the deforestation crisis that faces our world today, House of Tula also ensures that its products are tree-free. These journals are great for the planet and a pleasure to use.

Sustainability doesn’t mean a loss of style. The journals’ designs are curated and feature patterns from beloved artists including William Morris and the Dutch painter Ambrosius Bosschaert. The intricate designs are sure to be an eye-catching addition to purses, briefcases, and desks in 2023. 

House of Tula made its debut at the Ascot Racecourse Christmas Market. The journals became a hit with shoppers who loved the pairing of unique designs and earth-friendly recycled materials. 

For those interested in making a purchase, visit House of Tula offers a wide variety of designs with a small environmental footprint. Consumers are sure to find a journal to suit their tastes. 


House of Tula specializes in repurposing cotton waste to create tree-free, luxury journals. The London-based business was founded in 2022 by Priyanshu Nath and debuted at the Ascot Racecourse Christmas Market to great consumer interest. With a wide variety of unique designs and a dedication to environmental responsibility, shoppers are sure to find the ideal gift for the holidays and beyond.