Hivve (formerly Vertigo Ventures) announces rebranding

Vertigo Ventures (VV), an international ImpactTech provider, has changed its name to hivve. Updates are effective across the company’s global entities, including the UK, mainland Europe, and Australasia.

The name change is part of a wider rebranding initiative as the business further invests into developing its ImpactEcosystem – a family of products that helps individuals and organisations meet increasingly complex impact reporting requirements. The Ecosystem comprises products such as ImpactReviewer and ImpactTracker, which empower users to understand, capture, analyse and demonstrate the social, economic, cultural and environmental impact of their activities.
Laura Tucker, CEO at hivve, commented:
“The business has undergone substantial transformation from our 2009 origin as a sustainability consultancy, developing into a global provider of cloud products and other services. This new branding better articulates our identity as a rapidly-growing SaaS business expanding into new territories around the world, while preserving the values of sustainability, collaboration and authenticity that have underpinned the organisation since inception.”
2022 saw the business continue its international expansion with deployments into territories such as the United States, Poland and the Philippines, and the rebrand marks the next phase of growth for hivve’s technology, client base and community.