5 Ways To Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

The concept of SEO isn’t a new thing. It has been around since Google’s inception and is considered one of the best ways of increasing your organic traffic. By using certain practices, you can improve your site’s visibility in search engines and make your content more appealing to people browsing the web.

There are more than 200 metrics that Google considers when assigning rankings to web pages. The importance of these factors changes all the time, which is why search engine optimization is a continuous learning process. Something that worked a few years back might not provide any results in 2023.

In this article, we take a look at the 5 best practices that can improve your organic traffic. We’ll analyze each one of them and explain what makes them so important.

1.    Logical website architecture

“A visitor should be able to reach any page on your site in just three clicks,” according to Firestarter SEO company (https://www.firestarterseo.com/denver-seo/). Your pages need to be well connected with each other, and users shouldn’t have trouble finding the search bar.

Ideally, each one of your blog posts should lead to several relevant pieces. Use interlinking to connect it all together. This allows visitors to easily browse your content for additional insights.

When a person follows your links and reads multiple articles during one visit, this sends a strong signal to Google. It shows the search engine that you have quality content and that people won’t instantly bounce after reading one post.

2.    Well-working web design

Nowadays, Google puts a lot of emphasis on user behavior. It tracks factors such as time spent on a page, the number of pages visited per session, and bounce rate.

If a guest sticks on your site for a while, this shows Google that your content rocks and that more people should see it. In turn, it will increase your placement within search engine ranking pages. Unfortunately, if you have broken web design, it doesn’t matter how well you write, as people will quickly leave the platform.

Having an excellent web design is especially important for mobile phones. Nowadays, more users access the internet via iPhones and Samsungs than traditional PCs.  So, you need to optimize your pages for desktop and mobile users.

3.    Fast website speed

The worst thing that can happen is for a person never to enter your site. This usually occurs if you have a low website speed.

All studies indicate that people are willing to wait up to three seconds for a page to open. After that, they’ll start closing the tab without ever checking the website. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In the end, there’s no need to lose that much juicy traffic on a technicality.

You can easily increase website speed by simply making your pages lighter. Remove all the intricate multimedia, such as large image files, to make things run smoother.

4.    Higher quality content

A serious business owner can easily improve the technical performance of their platform. So, we can’t get a real competitive advantage by simply increasing website speed or improving the design. In most cases, our content is the thing that moves the needle.

The quality of our articles is what separates us from the competition. Not only should you be a subject matter expert, but you need to present the content in a way that is most suitable for readers. Your article should be skimmable, with great structure.

Basically, your main task is to answer user intent. People browsing the web are looking for answers to their questions, and they don’t have any issues leaving your articles if you don’t provide them. And as you start building trust with these visitors, they’re more likely to return to your pages, which would help your long-term traffic growth.

5.    Focus on links

Inbound links we get from other sites are one of the most important ranking signals. And the general rule is that higher-quality links from relevant sites provide more value. In the end, if you can entice your direct competition to promote your pieces, you’re probably doing something right.

If you’re a brand new site, getting links might be tricky. You’ll have to use all tools at your disposal to make yourself noticed. Unfortunately, even if you have good articles, that doesn’t ensure you’ll get results during a link-building campaign.

We suggest you try different methods and stay patient despite lousy performance. It’s a process that takes time to master, but it’s one of the things that can quickly propel you to the top of Google.