The innovative digital approach of Bilt Renovations is set to revolutionize the home building industry

Home building company Bilt Renovation announced the launch of a new way to design, build, and manage construction projects. Customers benefit from a new level of transparency and collaboration, allowing them to track project progress and budget in real-time and make informed decisions.

Co-Founders Owen Drury & James Brett began discussions in 2021, where they discussed the problems in the construction industry, before deciding that they needed to take action.

James, a third-generation builder, and Owen a construction consultant had both run successful construction businesses where they were at the forefront of both their colleague’s and client’s frustrations:

·       An outdated process
·       Reluctance to modernise and incorporate technology,
·       A lack of transparency and collaboration
·       Uneducated and inexperienced clients

These problems, combined with labour shortages and a climate crisis, paved the way for Bilt.

Bilt’s vision is to disrupt and revolutionise the home renovation market, an industry both Owen and James felt passionate about.

Starting with the customer experience, they are in the process of developing a streamlined design and build process. By utilising a core software stack, homeowners can plan and manage their entire project from the initial vision through to construction.

“The current process of designing and building your home is fragmented. You have to contact a designer who then advises you to appoint someone else. They then tell you to appoint another person, and by the time you are ready to build, you’ve spent thousands and made very little progress. When you finally get to the site, you face a battle with your builder who has excluded half of the design, and the costs keep rising” said James, Bilt Renovation’s co-founder.

Once on site, their digital project management platform allows homeowners to scrap the emails, text messages, phone calls, site visits and stacks of paper. 3D project tracking means homeowners can watch their projects from the other side of the world and keep tabs on how the builders perform.

“We understand that building a home can be a stressful experience, and we wanted to create a platform that puts customers at ease,” said Owen, Bilt Renovation’s co-founder. “With our project hub, customers can easily stay informed and confident about their project.”

Customers can access detailed information about their project’s progress, financials, and other details via a user-friendly dashboard. Customers can easily communicate with their project team, track milestones, and stay informed about the status of their project.

Bilt also plans to tackle social problems such as low productivity and an ageing workforce: “Stalling productivity, an ageing workforce and a future generation totally uninterested in construction mean we need to make our industry more attractive and more productive, and that’s what we’re planning to do” – claimed Owen, “By infusing technology and fostering a culture of innovation, we hope to attract the next generation to our industry”.

Bilt Renovation’s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable homes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Project planning, design, construction, and management from design to construction are among the services provided by the company.

For more information about Bilt Renovation and their project hub, visit their website at or follow them on Instagram at @biltrenovation.