Leading Technology Providers Trailblaze New Digital ID Technology to Fight Financial Crime

Synectics Solutions has partnered with the digital identity platform Yoti to leverage advanced identity verification technology and enhance customer onboarding for its clients. The partnership will help tackle identity fraud and prevent bad actors from accessing and using financial services to commit serious crimes.

Synectics will utilise Yoti Doc Scan to digitally transform the customer experience – offering individuals a simple, private and secure way of proving their identity for KYC when applying for financial services.

The innovative move will provide Synectics’ clients with the ability to:

● Verify the identity of end-customers to a high level of assurance in the UK or over 175 nationalities using government-approved documents including passports, driving licenses, and national ID cards.
● Allow consumers to prove who they are remotely and securely, globally.
● Streamline the approach to customer onboarding and customer due diligence.
● Reduce user journey friction and deliver products and services faster than before.
● Enhance regulatory compliance through a best-in-class technology solution.

As new digital technologies disrupt markets, complex organizations need to move from traditional information management approaches to modern solutions if they want to remain secure and competitive.

For over 27 years Synectics Solutions has been at the forefront of developing leading-edge, data driven solutions for its clients, to help them create effective risk management systems and reduce their losses to fraud and other financial crime. Synectics’ clients have saved over £4.8 billion collectively through the use of these market leading link analysis, fraud prevention and predictive analysis solutions – National SIRA, Orion and Precision.

Yoti provides global coverage for businesses through being able to authenticate government-issued ID documents from 175 countries. It uses cutting edge AI to determine that a person is real, through a fast and simple liveness test, and that they are the person who they claim to be through matching their face to the presented ID document. This can offer significant benefits to many regulated firms who still require customers to present certified paper copy proof of identity documents over the counter.

Russell Mackintosh, Head of Partnerships at Synectics Solutions said: “We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Yoti as it further demonstrates our recognition that improving methods of authenticating and identifying genuine customers lies at the heart of addressing issues of fraud and financial crime for our clients.

“As a company we’re committed to continually investing in the services we offer and Yoti’s Doc Scan provides access to the leading edge ID&V technology to help our clients improve their ability to authenticate genuine customers faster and more effectively.”

Gareth Narinesingh, Commercial Director – Financial Services at Yoti said: “Our partnership with Synectics Solutions is a key proposition for UK regulated financial services. Verified identities delivered through our Yoti Doc Scan platform compliments best-in-class data services provided by Synectics Solutions. Financial services clients can now look to an end-to-end solution for onboarding new customers or remediating existing customer files, through a comprehensive digital journey. This will lead to better and quicker customer outcomes for good actors, whilst employing much tighter controls around keeping out bad actors. This will be good news for both compliance officers and heads of retail banking and consumer finance businesses.”

For more information go to or visit the app store on iOS and Android phones.

About Yoti

Founded in 2014, Yoti is a global technology company on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform. Our free digital identity app is the new, safer way to prove your age on nights out, check out faster with age restricted items at supermarkets and save time and money proving your identity to businesses. It brings safer connections with the people you meet online as well as enabling secure website login with your biometrics instead of remembering passwords. All personal details are secured with 256-bit encryption and Yoti promotes a data minimisation approach. For more information, visit

About Synectics Solutions

Synectics Solutions is a pioneering data solutions and software development firm which has been providing cutting-edge software products to clients across the finance, insurance, automotive, public sector, and private sectors for over 27 years. The company is focused on fighting crime and protecting organisations against fraud and financial crime. For more information visit

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Lofrix New Liquid Technology Dramatically Reduces Engine Emissions

The new emissions reduction technology is predicted to cut emissions by over 50% potentially saving
thousands of lives every year and thereby reducing the burden on NHS services.
Dinnington, Sheffield: Nov 12, 2019.The revolutionary liquid technology, Lofrix Eco Gel has been
launched to specifically reduce emissions from diesel and petrol vehicle engines.

Lofrix Eco Gel will not only deliver dramatic reductions – over 50%, in harmful exhaust emissions
but also protect engines from wear and improve fuel economy. The team behind Lofrix say it
has exceeded their expectations and will bring very significant benefits to car owners.
Recent extensive testing on Government-approved DVSA (MOT) emissions analysis equipment
undertaken independently by a MOT Testing Centre has shown its potential for the automotive

“I have tested the exhaust emissions of around 100 vehicles after their engines have been treated
with Lofrix Eco Gel, and in virtually every case, the level of emissions has been significantly lower
following treatment.” – John Chetham, MOT Inspector.

Petrol and diesel engines burning carbon-based fuels pollute the atmosphere on our streets,
particularly in urban areas, and contribute to thousands of fatalities a year from respiratory diseases
and other conditions. Particles and toxic gases emitted by car exhausts can form a damaging cocktail
which significantly increases rates of heart attacks, strokes and severe asthma attacks.

60ml of Lofrix Eco Gel, sufficient to treat one vehicle for a year, can be purchased from for £29.95 (inc. VAT & UK P&P)

Scientists at Huddersfield University’s Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering have
conducted trials and discovered in extensive laboratory wear testing that Lofrix technology provides
very significant protection to metal components when added in small concentrations to conventional
lubricating oils.

The results of the laboratory testing that I have undertaken clearly show that Lofrix has significant
wear reducing capabilities in harsh engineering conditions.” – Andrew Ball, BEng PhD CEng FIMechE
FHEA CMgr CCMI, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise) Professor of Diagnostic Engineering,
University of Huddersfield.

The technology will remove engine deposits and protect the internal engine surfaces against future
deposits adhering, resulting in less friction within the engine, smoother operation and more efficient
fuel burn – meaning less emissions and unburnt fuel being ejected through the exhaust. More
information on Lofrix Eco Gel is available at

About Lofrix Associates Limited

Lofrix Associates Limited is a company that has over the last 30 years researched and developed
advanced friction-reduction technology to invent the Lofrix product range used for years in multiple
industrial sectors.

If you need any more information, please call
Kinfe on 0333 305 6865 or email

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Exide To Showcase New GNB Lithium Technology At Logistica

Battery manufacturer Exide Technologies, a global provider of stored electrical energy solutions, is unveiling its new lithium technology at international logistics trade fair Logistica in the Netherlands from 5–7 November. Logistica features more than 150 sessions and around 200 exhibitors in the areas of material handling, intralogistics, robotics, automation, and more.

Exide is showcasing its next-generation Sonnenschein Lithium Material Handling Battery at the exhibition. This innovative product will be officially released in Q1 2020 and will be unveiled for the first time at Logistica. It offers unparalleled efficiency and runtime, advanced safety features, and exceptionally low total cost of ownership in material handling applications. An optional universal retrofitting communicator can be securely installed, presenting all relevant information through the standard forklift display.

Exide is also presenting GNB Fleet, the latest generation of its proven fleet management software, which will enter the market in Q1 2020. GNB Fleet, a pioneering cloud-based system, measures battery, charger and site data, offering easy-to-understand information on energy consumption, item availability, and uptime. It detects damaged batteries and chargers before they fail, allowing businesses to act preventatively and minimize downtime. The customer can access the cloud-based system on their device of choice.

Exide is also displaying its popular chargers at Logistica, including its 2100 HP Lithium Charger and 2100 HP Charger, which support multiple charging profiles, and enable both fast and opportunity charging of even the largest batteries. Exide’s climate-controlled 2100 Weatherproof Charger and 2100 Dustproof Charger, ideal for challenging outdoor environments, are also on show. Its lithium chargers are designed for Sonnenschein Lithium batteries and are GNB Fleet ready. Sonnenschein Lithium LTB, TENSOR, TENSOR xGEL, and Sonnenschein GF Y and GF V blocs are also being presented. Visit Exide in hall 3, stand B025.

“We’re delighted to appear at this year’s Logistica trade fair. We invite everyone to visit our stand, and take a look at the latest innovations from Exide,” said Fred Van Verseveld, Sales & Marketing Manager Benelux at Exide. “Sonnenschein Lithium Material Handling Battery will provide the lowest total cost of ownership for material handling applications, while GNB Fleet offers next-generation fleet management capabilities in the cloud.”

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Research report reveals new insights into legal education

A new research report by Justis, a vLex company, brings new insights into legal research education and the views of both students and staff.

Released in October 2019, this research-led report is the first to examine the teaching of legal research and the wider student perspectives. Conducted over the past 12 months, the report reveals that teaching of legal research is often inconsistent across universities, potentially leaving students at a disadvantage against their peers when applying for training contracts.

With over 90,000 students enrolled in law degrees across the UK, this report provides a unique perspective that could help to improve important elements of the student experience for thousands of law students across the UK and beyond.

Currently, the number of training contracts in England and Wales fluctuates between 5,000 and 6,000 each year, with around 100 of these at each of the Magic Circle firms. Competition for these desirable contracts is at an all-time high.

Following the Legal Education and Training Review in 2013, this report aims to highlight the current status of the teaching of legal research skills, and start a discussion within the academic sector about these important issues.

Unique insights

The report covers a wide range of areas related to legal research teaching and student perspectives. The primary areas of discussion include the different teaching models deployed across many UK universities, student confidence levels, the support mechanisms available to students, teaching and learning preferences, and staff perspectives on the current methods being utilised to teach legal research. Finally, the report proposes a unique standardised approach to help address issues experienced by both staff and students.

This report is recommended for both law school and librarian staff alongside educational representatives and professionals.

Full report:

For questions, comments and to discuss the research report please contact Justis, a vLex company, at

About Justis, a vLex company

vLex is a legal technology company, who developed their technology to empower law professionals by combining one of the most extensive collections of legal information in the world with the most advanced AI-powered tools. Hundreds of thousands of clients and millions of users around the world rely on vLex to address their legal research and technology needs. vLex are one of the leading companies developing legal technology on a global scale, with a team of over 160 lawyers, engineers, and editorial experts. vLex apply the power of an AI cloud-based data hub to ingest, enrich, classify and deliver insights contained in over 100 million legal documents from over 2,000 multilingual and multi-legal system global sources, to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant legal data and content.

Justis, acquired by vLex in March of 2019, has been at the forefront of the digital dissemination of legal information for over 33 years. JustisOne, its flagship legal research platform is trusted by law firms, barristers, government departments and academic institutions around the world. Justis’ unique software brings new ways to search, interpret and analyse legal information.

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New vLex London office opens giving new life to legal technology innovation in London

Following the recent acquisition of London based legal technology company Justis, vLex are pleased to announce the opening of their first London headquarters. The new office will become a new innovation hub responsible for all global legal technology innovation projects within vLex, alongside vLex’s current European headquarters in Barcelona.

Located at the new vLex office is the Global Head of Product, Robin Chesterman, who expresses his excitement following the acquisition and highlights the valuable opportunities this will bring to legal professionals around the world:

“The acquisition of Justis has opened the door to a number of highly-valuable opportunities for the legal technology world. By bringing together the coverage and technology from both companies we can offer our customers something truly unique and powerfully competitive. We want our customers to continue to succeed, and we are now in a position to offer them more efficient and usable tools and content to support their day-to-day work than many of the well-known providers. The new office will provide a fresh start for the team here in London and give life to many new projects that we are excited to share with you in the near future.”

The new office, located in Kentish Town, will be opened in October 2019 and is only a short distance from London’s legal district at Chancery Lane and transport hubs such as King’s Cross. The new office location is ideal for visiting and supporting both Justis and vLex clients in London and around the UK. The acquisition of Justis has increased vLex’s global presence. vLex offices and staff are now present in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

On the opening of the new vLex London HQ, Justis Publishing will be officially updating its address and notifying all customers of these changes. As with many acquisitions, customers can be left with unease about the future of their services and content which they rely on daily. For Justis and vlex customers, there are no foreseen changes, only new opportunities. New opportunities to access more primary and secondary content from around the world and new legal technology to support their work and their clients’ interests.

This announcement comes following a series of updates from vLex, including the launch of their new blog category with over 300,000 legal articles, a new partnership with LexBlog, and complete Official Gazette coverage for Latin America.

About vLex

vLex is a legal technology company, who developed their technology to empower law professionals by combining one of the most extensive collections of legal information in the world with the most advanced AI-powered tools. With hundreds of thousands of clients and millions of users around the world who rely on vLex to address their legal research and technology needs. vLex are one of the leading companies developing legal technology on a global scale, with a team of over 160 lawyers, engineers, and editorial experts. vLex apply the power of an AI cloud-based data hub to ingest, enrich, classify and deliver insights contained in over 100 million legal documents from 2,000+ multilingual and multi-legal system global sources, to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant legal data and content.

For more information please contact

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Schools to switch to online forms from paper forms saving thousands

Stephen Clarke, Director of MagedMaged, an Education Technology company aims to save schools thousands by reducing their reliance on paper forms by offering a service to take their paper forms and turn them into secure online forms to send to parents.

Stephen Clarke, Director of MagedTens of millions of parents sign hundreds of millions of paper forms every year around the world on behalf of their children. In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 900 million paper forms are sent by the over 30000 Schools each year. Schools send around 30 paper forms per student per year, in a school with a thousand pupils that’s 30000 paper forms per year per school.

Sending paper forms is labour intensive, costly and unreliable. Schools print and photocopy tens of thousands of forms every day, this is a big cost to the environment and the school budget. It is also unreliable, students put them in their bags and parents may or may not eventually get them.

Maged, with over 40 years’ experience in Education, Finance and Technology consciously help to save schools thousands every year at a time when most UK schools face significant challenges to their budgets.

Offering schools a service to help them move paper forms online is a great way to help schools make savings whilst reducing down their administrative burden. Once the paper form is converted to an online form, a link to that is sent to parents by the school via their App, website, SMS text message, letter or email.

Parents click on that link and complete the form, the results of every form completed are sent to any school email address.

Stephen Clarke, Director of Maged “As a parent, I get lots of paper letters and forms from our school, which must be very costly for them at a time when budgets are tough. We are all used to completing forms online and signing for things electronically. Maged aims to help schools move to the same offering whilst saving them time and money.”

Further details on how schools can switch to sending online forms rather than paper forms can be found at

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