6 Things That Belong in Your Spring Break Carry-On

Spring break is approaching quickly. It’s an exciting time where you can get some much needed rest and relaxation. And, with fewer COVID-19 restrictions in 2023, it’s now easier and safer to travel. Think of all the places you could go!

However, there’s almost nothing more annoying than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot to pack something. Take a look at this list of items to remember to pack for your upcoming trip, and you’ll be covered.

1. Birth Control

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner, it’s important not to forget your birth control. Being safe is always in your best interest. And you never know what will happen during spring break. You probably don’t want to come back with more than what you bargained for. 

Additionally, even skipping just a few days of birth control medication can throw off your menstrual cycle. Your period could start early and ruin the cute outfits you had planned, or you might get cramps. This is even more likely to happen if you have conditions like endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome. Save yourself from the pain and remember to pack your birth control.

2. Vitamins

Following the theme of medication, bringing natural supplements might be something to consider. Traveling means getting exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria. This is especially true if you’re going to spend a lot of time in crowded, public places.

Regularly taking vitamins while on your trip can provide extra protection against sickness. It can be devastating to wake up feeling ill when you’re supposed to be having fun. Without taking supplements like vitamin C, you’re more at risk of getting sick. Skip the risk of illness and bring along some vitamins. 

3. Portable Charger

Having a phone with a dead battery isn’t practical for traveling. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also not safe. You won’t have access to a GPS app, phone calls, or texts. In other words, you could get lost with no one to call for help. 

A regular plug-in-the-wall charger is a must-have, of course, but you can’t always use them on the go. Carrying a portable charger around in your bag will ensure you don’t have to worry about a draining battery. It’s also great for when you fall asleep before plugging in your phone. 

This is especially a good idea if you’re traveling alone. It’s not always safe to rely on strangers for help, unfortunately. Avoid the potential panic and pack a portable charger. 

4. Umbrella

Weather is one of the most unreliable natural forces out there. Even though meteorologists can predict the weather, the science just isn’t completely accurate. And sometimes, the skies will simply change their mind and do the unexpected. 

Spring break also occurs during the wettest season for many countries. As they say, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ If you’re traveling around destinations like the USA or Europe, you’ll more than likely need an umbrella at some point. It’s no fun getting caught in the rain. Packing an umbrella ensures you can keep sightseeing and still enjoy your trip. 

5. Book

Oh, to be the mysterious character reading a book and sipping coffee in an outdoor cafe. Fulfilling that fantasy is one good reason to take some reading materials. However, there’s plenty more use you can get out of a book during a trip. 

If you’re going to spend time on a plane or train, having something to do will keep you from getting bored. Depending on how far you’re going, transportation can take multiple hours. Bringing a book is a dependable activity, especially since public Wi-Fi can be spotty.

You can also use this to your advantage if your schooling requires lots of reading. Take some required reading with you. This is perhaps the most enjoyable kind of multitasking out there. If you don’t have a specific book in mind or an assignment that has to be read, check out travel book lists. One of the best things about reading while you travel is that your memories will be associated with that book.

6. Pain Relievers

As mentioned above, feeling under the weather can make your vacation seem ruined. Not only does getting sick affect you, but feeling pain can also put a damper on travel. Headaches, cramps, or stomachaches can get in the way of your fun. 

Unfortunately, travel has its cons that are known to cause pain. The high altitude of airplanes can cause headaches. Plus, if there’s an upset baby on board, listening to crying for hours can trigger a migraine. Eating new kinds of food can upset your stomach. And, of course, period cramps can come on suddenly and out of nowhere. 

Your best bet is to take along some pain relievers. It’s better to pack a trusted brand and dose that you know works for you, especially if you’re leaving the country. Other countries may use different doses, and then there’s the language-barrier, too. Save yourself the trouble and pack some ahead of time.

Remember to Have Fun

Don’t get caught up in the stress of preparing for travel. While it’s important to make sure you pack everything you need, don’t let that get you worried. Make a list, double-check your bags, and you’ll be fine.

Spring break is supposed to be just that — a break. That means you should sit back and relax. You deserve to unwind for a while in between all the work. Enjoy yourself, and happy travels!