HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules: Enhance the Urban Environment

One of today’s most critical challenges is properly managing stormwater in urban areas. Whether you are a resident in a city prone to floods or just want to protect your local environment, choosing the right stormwater solutions is critical.

HOENSOEY Geocellular Storage Tanks are a great way to reduce and manage runoff while also adding value to your urban landscape.

HOENSOEY Cells are the innovative design of stormwater modules for the sustainable stormwater management system. Their hexagonal honeycomb structure allows for maximum storage, allowing you to capture more water in less space. This means reduced runoff and the potential to take advantage of natural filtration processes.

Best of all, HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules can be used to address the “urban heat island effect” and create a more natural landscape. The Geocellular Storage Tank captures stormwater for retention, attenuation, or infiltration before it enters the ground, helping ensure your city’s environment is properly managed and safeguarded.

Wondering if an investment in HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules is right for you? Read on to learn more about the innovative and environmentally-friendly technology behind this product – and how it can help you enhance your urban environment.

Solving The Critical Issue of the Urban Heat Island Effect

At the heart of the solution is an issue that plagues many urban areas – the “urban heat island effect.” This is a phenomenon caused by large amounts of asphalt and concrete in cities that absorb and retain the sun’s heat. This causes the area around it to become significantly hotter than surrounding rural areas, leading to higher levels of air pollution, excess energy consumption, and health problems for residents.

Not only does it have profound implications for our environment and health, but it can also lead to extreme weather events like floods, droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires that can wreak havoc on our communities.

Its effects can also be felt in terms of air pollution levels which can cause respiratory illnesses and other health issues. Therefore, we must take steps now to reduce the impact of this phenomenon on our environment and health.

By taking a multi-pronged approach that includes reducing emissions from fossil fuels, increasing green spaces in cities, improving building insulation standards, and encouraging citizens to conserve energy, we can mitigate the effects of the “urban heat island effect.” But one of the most effective solutions is to invest in stormwater management solutions like HOENSOEY Geocellular Storage Tank.

Introducing the New Stormwater Solutions

In an effort to help reduce the impact of the “urban heat island effect,” professionals have developed a groundbreaking new stormwater management solution. HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules are a traditional sub-base replacement material that can be used to capture and store stormwater runoff while simultaneously infiltrating it back into the soil.

This innovative design will help reduce impermeable surfaces, helping to reduce local flooding and heat retention in urban areas. Built with a hexagonal honeycomb structure, the stormwater modules use a patented technology to store more water than traditional methods.

The modules are made of a patented “Rigid-Hollow” technology that is both extremely strong and lightweight, making them ideal for supporting structures.

The hollow-core design also allows it to capture stormwater efficiently – allowing rainwater to enter the module and slowly seep into the ground. This not only helps reduce runoff but also helps recharge groundwater sources and provides natural irrigation to plants and trees in the urban landscape.

How HOENSOEY Modules Work

The innovative new HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules are designed to help reduce and manage surface runoff while also creating a more natural environment. Not only does it help reduce the “urban heat island effect,” but it also helps beautify an urban landscape with its shallow profile and hollow structure.

The HOENSOEY Cells are made from a polypropylene material that is strong enough to support structures and durable enough to last for years. And their hexagonal honeycomb structure provides a robust, durable solution to high costs associated with traditional sub-base and piping systems.

Here are just a few of the benefits and features of the HOENSOEY Cellular Storage system:

Ultra-High Compressive Strength Profile

The HOENSOEY Cellular Storage System is a revolutionary and innovative solution for saving commercial and industrial space. This system features the highest quality materials and construction, providing superior compressive strength and stability compared to traditional storage systems.

With its ultra-high compressive strength, this system can withstand up to 130 tons per square meter in vertical loading and up to 40 tons per square meter in lateral loading, making it one of the most robust storage solutions available. HOENSOEY Cell is not only strong and lightweight but also easy to assemble, making installation quick and easy.

Designed With Innovative Hollow Structures

To ensure maximum efficiency, HOENSOEY Storage System is designed with a hollow structure that encourages water runoff. This hollow structure helps prevent flooding, which can damage buildings and infrastructure in urban areas.

The design also ensures that it can quickly absorb large amounts of surface water while still allowing for proper drainage. This unique design style offers a 95% void ratio throughout the water storage structure, making it one of the most effective stormwater management solutions available.

Enhanced Stability Via Patented Buckles

The HOENSOEY Cells are designed with six unique sets of patented buckles that securely connect each cell to the next. This connection method makes each cell virtually inseparable and can withstand up to 130 tons per square meter in vertical loading and up to 40 tons per square meter in lateral loading, providing superior compressive strength and stability compared to traditional storage systems.

The buckles also help keep the system securely locked while still allowing for quick and easy installation. This patented buckle system is designed to provide maximum stability and performance, ensuring your HOENSOEY Cells will stand up to the toughest weather conditions and offer years of reliable operation.

Optimal Rainwater Treatment for Shallow Foundations

The HOENSOEY Geocellular Storage Tanks are also designed to provide optimal rainwater treatment for shallow foundations. This Shallow Surface Drainage Solution features a special filtering media that eliminates suspended solids and other contaminants from stormwater runoff, preventing contamination of surface and groundwater sources.

By combining these innovative features, the HOENSOEY Geocellular Storage Tank provide an effective solution for stormwater management in urban areas. Bodies downstream water from these systems become cleaner, allowing for better recreational activities and less pollution. The HOENSOEY Stormwater Modules are also cost-effective and easy to install, making them the perfect stormwater management solution.

With this Shallow Surface Drainage Solution, you can be sure your land is protected during intense storms while providing a clean recreation and relaxation environment!

What Are The Potential Uses Cases?

The HOENSOEY Cellular Storage System is a versatile storage solution that can be used in a variety of applications, including:

1.  Stormwater Management

Reduce runoff, increase infiltration, and minimize flooding in urban areas. HOENSOEY is perfect for outdoor plazas, sports fields, parking garage roofs, and more. By creating a barrier and providing optimal rainwater treatment, HOENSOEY helps ensure that stormwater runoff is properly managed.

2.  Building Foundations

The HOENSOEY Cells are lightweight and easy to assemble, making them a Shallow Surface Drainage Solution for building foundations in shallow soils or areas with limited space. With its ultra-high compressive strength, the cells can easily support the foundation of a building or structure.

3.  Tree Planting & Irrigation

Are you looking for a water storage system that can help support tree planting and irrigation efforts? The ideal solution with HOENSOEY Cells not only does it provide optimal rainwater treatment, but its hollow structure encourages water runoff and helps keep the soil well-aerated, allowing trees to thrive in urban areas.

Innovation Built From Passion

Based in China, the team brings years of expertise and a passion for revolutionary solutions to bear on the areas of groundwater and stormwater management. HOENSOEY  is committed to providing exceptional performance and dependable results with our advanced cellular storage system.

With experience ranging from state-owned enterprises to private companies, HOENSOEY team is committed to providing innovative, effective, and reliable solutions for clients around the world. And our commitment to practical yet revolutionary solutions is evident in every product we create.

When it comes to stormwater management, building foundations, tree planting, and irrigation, they have the experience and products needed to meet any challenge.

With over 20 patents to our name, HOENSOEY is proud to lead the way in stormwater management and other storage solutions. We’re passionate about creating innovative products that help solve real-world problems and make a difference!

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With HOENSOEY, our passion is to create solutions that allow “the metropolitan ground to breathe freely.” With our patented technology, superior compressive strength, and optimal rainwater treatment capabilities, our Stormwater Modules are the perfect choice for stormwater management, building foundations, tree planting & irrigation projects.

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