Meet The Former Google Executive Who Founded An Agency While Fighting Cancer and Facing A Sudden Job Layoff

8genC, creator economy focused consulting firmannounces their launch on April 1, 2023 highlighting life after layoff from one of the largest tech giants. 8genC is proud to offer a suite of integrated services which amplify the impact of creatives,brands, and venture backed startups that rely on the creative economy for their execution.

Amid the current layoff trend, Arif Gursel (founder of 8genC) was one of many impacted by the bending job economy at the most inopportune time – while he was undergoing a stem cell transplant to treat a stage IV (four) rare blood cancer. Life after layoff began to look very different for Gursel as he searched for motivation to revive his health and his career, and began to mastermind the blueprint for 8genC. “We are giving opportunities for people who have been laid off from Big Tech to apply their highly sought after skills to influential creatives, brands and venture backed startups who need them most but could never afford someone of their caliber full time.”

Launching on April 1, 2023, 8genC offers clients 25+ years of experience Gursel has building and leading initiatives at some of the biggest technology companies and brands in the world (Microsoft, Xbox, Zillow, Salesforce, Netflix, & Google). To learn more about 8genC, please visit

As the founder of 8genC, Arif Gursel has always been drawn to three major passions: entertainment, technology, and culture. Formerly the Global Head of Product Partnerships for Youtube Music & Premium and partnerships leader at Netflix, driving their global relationships with other large companies such as Google, Gursel has amassed a unique blend of professional backgrounds including software engineering, product and business development, and partnership strategy – all which have prepared him for a valuable, long term career as a tech entrepreneur, investor and creative strategist.

The proud HBCU Alum received his Bachelors from Tuskegee University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, focusing on technology strategy and quantitative marketing. Noticing a lack of connection between technology and culture, Gursel has dedicated his career and public platform to leading valuable conversations, impactful business campaigns, and large financial development objectives which support and promote the
relationship of the technology industry with the future of culture and entertainment.

He previously founded VIBEHEAVY Inc., a US-based firm with a satellite office in Accra, Ghana. VIBEHEAVY’s portfolio of companies creates and curates brand experiences across both digital & physical spaces. In 2015, one of VIBEHEAVY’s portfolio companies, Discovered Inc. (an innovative music discovery and advertising platform), was acquired by Select-TV Solutions, an Intel Capital-backed company. Rebranded as MyStay, Gursel was appointed co-founder and C.T.O. leading the global rollout, including acquiring and integrating six other technology companies.

Gursel is also a passionate philanthropist, creating a thriving nonprofit empowering underserved communities through science, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, and media (S.T.E.A.M.) advocacy & education. His nonprofit (P.A.C.E.) follows a technology startup model. As a two-time stage 4 cancer survivor, he has increased his philanthropic focus to include health and wellness programs in underserved communities. As his passion to connect communities through education and charity continues to grow, Gursel is on a mission to continue breaking down barriers as a serial and social entrepreneur.