Panorays Debuts Automated Document Validation within Its TPCRM AI Portfolio

In an innovative leap forward, Panorays, a front-runner in the domain of third-party cybersecurity risk management, announces the introduction of its AI Automated Document Validation feature, further enriching its AI toolkit.

This novel feature enables entities to autonomously scrutinise documents from third parties, including questionnaires, certifications, and attestations (such as SOC2, ISO, etc.), ensuring they align precisely with related responses in the assessment questionnaire. Through providing documentary evidence that corroborates or disputes the answers given, Panorays’ Document Validation offers an unparalleled, effortless approach to inspecting and verifying third-party assessments.

The integration of Document Validation marks a notable enhancement in Panorays’ AI-enabled assessment engine, elevating the rigour and efficiency of enterprise risk assessment processes. The extensive AI assessment engine provided by Panorays includes:

  • Questionnaire Autocompletion: Allows third parties to autofill questionnaires leveraging previous responses, substantiated by pertinent evidence.
  • External and Internal Validation: Simplifies detecting inconsistencies between external attack surface discoveries and questionnaire replies via automation.
  • Breach Prediction: Refines the reliability of third-party appraisals by automatically including prior cyber incidents like breaches, zero-day exploits, and cyberattacks.

This release builds upon Panorays’ AI assessment engine, founded on unique, in-house learning models dedicated to third-party security and educated on an expansive array of hundreds of millions of domains. This initiative echoes Panorays’ dedication to responsible AI, with a focus on ensuring the principles of privacy and accuracy are central to its in-house and independently developed AI-Based engine for third-party cybersecurity.

Matan Or-El, CEO of Panorays, accentuated the criticality of this innovation, stating, “Given the increasing focus on third-party cyber risk, teams can not afford to waste time on inaccurate assessments. Panorays remains committed to enhancing validation and automation within the assessment process, ensuring data accuracy and authenticity, as part of our mission to deliver the most comprehensive assessment available in the market.”

Utilising Panorays’ AI Assessment engine allows organisations to streamline and validate their risk assessments more effectively, thus bolstering the security of their supply chains. The benefits encompass:

  • Time and Effort Reduction: Automates the tedious task of manually checking third-party responses, resulting in significant time and resource conservation.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Provides documented evidence from external assessments, third-party documentation, and breach history intelligence to support or question responses, aiding swift and educated decision-making.
  • Reduced Dependence on Skilled Reviewers: Decreases the reliance on specialist reviewers for deciphering complex policies, certifications, and attestations.

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