Why PayPal should be your Business’ go-to Payment Partner

At the heart of every business is the need to provide secure payment options to customers. Traditional cash works fine, but thanks to technology, online payments are now a thing and their convenience makes them essential to any entrepreneurial establishment.

PayPal is among the most popular gateway payment provision that has close to three million active users, according to statita’s research. These numbers make us wonder what is peculiar about this company that makes their services almost indispensable. Here are the top reasons that make it the best payment partner for your business.

A good reputation

No one questions the legitimacy of a venture more than a person who is about to spend their money, and especially when they feel that business’ financial partners are questionable.  On the flip side, a reputable baking platform strings along clients because of trust.

For PayPal, its long standing reputation for being transparent brings a sense of security that assures clients that shopping on your site is safe. Additionally, the trusted name can translate to checkouts of up to 44%.

Up to date security

There isn’t a scarier thing than having to worry about losing your data to black hat hackers on the internet while shopping. As such, PayPal invests in modern security measures to secure their users’ data. Automatically, all transactions to and from the site are locked using a secure socket layer protocol that is 128-bit-enabled, thereby scrambling the information.

Scrambled data is unreadable, making it worthless to anyone, consequently making the shopping experience both smooth and safe.

Fast and reliable

Quick transactions allow businesses to grow at the same time maintaining their clientele base. On the other hand, slow processes have cost these entities thousands of dollars. Take for example the online gambling industry. It relies on instant wires to allow punters to enjoy cash games.

Top PayPal casino sites are some of those that enjoy these reliable services. Money reflects in the receiving account in under 5 minutes, making it the perfect choice for anyone who is after instant money wiring provisions.

Easy to use

User-friendly features are the top aspects of any gateway payment application that you should look out for initially. PayPal has an interface that is easy on both the eyes and hands. Everything you need to know about your transactions, both recent and past, is easily available on the web page.

Your clients do not have to struggle to authorise the transactions. As soon as they sign in, they only have to select the receiver and send the cash to them. And thanks to the simple registration process, they can either use the receiver’s email or username to identify where they want the cash to move to. The search bar makes this possible so that they can counter check the details before hitting the send button.

It accepts multi currency payments

The worries of losing clients because you do not have a payment option that accepts their currency goes away when you use PayPal. Up to 26 currencies are what you get when you invest in the PayPal pro version. And while you may think 26 currencies is on the lower side, you will be surprised to know that these are available in over 200 countries globally.

Phone payment enabled

Phone payment is a contingency plan that comes in handy when your clients cannot pay for services and goods online for various reasons. Some of the top ones are the lack of a stable internet connection or political stability within a country. A virtual terminal is in place to complete such transactions when the need arises.

The Wrap

PayPal is working hard to ensure that businesses benefit from their reputation. So, if you offer invaluable services, your clients should be able to look past the high transaction rates and hop into the PayPal bandwagon.

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