Acknowledging The Most Common Workplace Issues That Employees Face

Finding the perfect job means thinking of something that you enjoy doing and finding a way to do that for a living. You’re not alone, many people turn hobbies into careers or work for companies that share their interests. It makes it a pleasure to go to work.

The employer benefits as a happy employee is more productive and more likely to do the little extras that make such a difference.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Even if you love the job you may find yourself facing one of the following workplace issues.

If you do then you need to speak to your supervisor. Don’t be scared of them firing you, if they do you can get a reputable unfair dismissal lawyer to handle the issue for you. However, in all likelihood, they will try to help you resolve the issue.


Bullying has received a lot of publicity in recent years but this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. There are many forms of bullying but the basic premise is still the same. Someone else in your workplace will be constantly trying to undermine you or even harm you based on a weakness they perceive you to have.

This covers physical attack but being consistently excluded from activities and called names is also a type of bullying.


Harassment can be similar to bullying. This can also be physical or mental. Physically you may find that a colleague or boss is constantly touching or trying to touch you inappropriately. Emotionally it is usually via giving you too much work and then harassing you for the completed work, or it can be when someone consistently picks on one perceived flaw and lowers your self-confidence.

Unfair Dismissal

If this happens you will need to speak to the unfair dismissal lawyer as quickly as possible, you have a limited amount of time to lodge the issue.

This is one thing that every employee dreads and hopes never happens to them. There are several legitimate reasons to get rid of an employee and plenty of unfair reasons, including not following disciplinary protocol.

Your company must have a disciplinary protocol, it will help to prevent instances of unfair dismissal.


When you are young and start at a business you are often given training in-house and offered additional training. It helps you to know what you are doing and do the best job possible. However, as time passes it is common for employers to overlook additional training.

This can be an issue as many professions demand you maintain your professional training. Even if you are not working in one of those professions you should be offered regular training. The truth is that technology changes and the skills needed to do the job change with it. For an employee to be their most effective and relevant in the modern marketplace, they need to regularly update their skills.

Employers should be willing to help with this but it can often be a battle to get help.

Staff Morale

There are many things that can affect staff morale, from individuals bullying others to an uncertain economy, and even a lack of pay reviews or opportunities to share personal feelings and innovations.

Low morale means there is no pleasure in going to work and this leads to a reduction in productivity as well as more staff looking to go elsewhere.

Problems With Equipment

Most businesses have limited budgets and need to carefully balance the books. In reality, this means that most equipment is simply kept running. It’s cheaper than replacing it, upgrading it, or even fixing it!

Of course, poor equipment makes it harder to do your job and may even make it more dangerous in the workplace. The knock-on effect will be a reduction in productivity and staff morale. It will also start to affect the competitiveness of the business.

Dealing With Workplace Issues

A reputable company that actually cares about its staff will have a policy in place that allows the management to hear any issues. It should be possible for any worker to voice concerns and have them taken seriously without repercussions. When this happens, you can rest assured that you have chosen a reputable company. That goes a long way to ensuring you get treated fairly and continue to enjoy your work.

Having an open channel from workers to management also means that there is no issue with communication. This can be an issue for many businesses. A lack of communication can have serious repercussions for your staff.

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