Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy CEO, Announces the Launch of New Stocks and Futures Academy

On Sept. 7, Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, announced the launch of IM Mastery Academy’s newest online financial academy, the Stocks and Futures (SFX) Academy. Designed with Carolyn Boroden, an experienced analyst known as the “Fibonacci Queen,” the SFX Academy focuses on using Fibonacci retracement and other time-based approaches to analyze stocks and futures markets.

SFX Academy is the third new program launched by IM Mastery Academy in 2022, following the debut of the Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy in May and the Travel and Lifestyle Experience (TLX) discount travel and rewards membership program in June. For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy’s decision to significantly expand its offerings in 2022 stems from an underlying company ethos of growth and positivity. Terry explained this mindset in a recent Instagram post.

“Enthusiasm is vital for momentum. You must truly enjoy what you are doing. Having an enthusiastic approach toward your goals increases your determination and willpower, and provides the positivity needed to move forward.”

The flurry of recent expansion activity by IM Mastery Academy shows Christopher Terry’s enthusiasm as a CEO and his focus on growing the company. With the launch of SFX Academy, Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy continues to move forward as a provider of diverse online educational resources.

What Is SFX Academy?

The SFX Academy offers readings, videos, and live mentorship opportunities for students interested in pursuing education in the stocks and futures markets.

Students study stocks, which are publicly exchanged shares of individual companies, and exchange traded funds, which package several assets into a single unit that can be exchanged in the same way that participants would exchange stocks in a company. These ETF packages can track a variety of assets, such as indexes, commodities, and currencies.

IM Mastery Academy students studying at SFX Academy can also learn about futures, which are financial contracts that require the holder to exchange an asset in the future when it reaches a particular fixed price. This includes stock index futures, gold, silver, crude oil, and many others. Students begin by learning how lower-risk micro futures work, then can progress to more advanced strategies.

As with any educational offering from Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy, SFX is built to facilitate self-motivated learning by providing 24/7 access to educational resources that members can access at their convenience and as often as needed.

“It’s important that you’re willing to learn and accept change. You need a foundation of self-growth in order for this process to not just be temporary, but also lead toward permanent change,” said Terry in another Instagram post. “Achieving anything significant takes time, but if you’re not cultivating your own mind, how can you expect your results to change?”

The Growth of Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy

Christopher Terry co-founded IM Mastery Academy in 2013 with CFO Isis Terry. The goal was to provide students interested in financial markets with access to materials that could both educate students on the foundations of a basic market understanding and progress to more advanced strategic approaches, all through an easy-to-access online medium.

Since its establishment, Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy has expanded this goal. It continues to offer academies devoted to financial markets, including the FRX Academy for the foreign exchange (forex) market, the DCX Academy for digital currency markets, the TBX Academy for general time-based approaches, and now the SFX Academy. But it has also expanded to offer the ECX Academy on e-commerce, as well as TLX, which is focused on providing members with access to travel and lifestyle opportunities.

In addition to growing the Academy by offering new programs in 2022, Christopher Terry completed a tour of Europe, expounding on the mission of IM Mastery Academy at over 12 locations. At these speaking engagements, Christopher Terry discussed IM Mastery Academy’s educational offerings as well as the underlying mindset that motivates the company’s strategy.

The thread that unites all these offerings and activities by IM Mastery Academy is Christopher Terry’s emphasis on passion and positivity.

“I’m a positive person,” explained Terry in another post. “I’m attracting motivated people. I’m attracting purpose-driven entrepreneurs.”

Note: IM Mastery Academy is solely an educational platform and provides no investment advice, personalized recommendations, or broker services.