Benefits of Painting your Car with Paint Guns

Painting a car body is the easiest and fastest option to update the design and hide imperfections. If the coating has lost its luster and cracks and scratches have appeared, apply a new layer of material, and your vehicle will shine like new again.

To get the effect of professional bodywork, use paint guns. It is special equipment with which you will apply all the necessary materials and get a perfectly even coating. Sprayers are used at home and in professional automotive workshops. It is affordable and easy to use. It allows you to transform your car, restore shine, and even coverage.

Eight Benefits of Paint Guns

The paint gun has a considerable number of advantages over the classic method. Foremost, it is a significant time-saving. With the help of equipment, you can quickly apply materials to a reasonably large surface. Even with the giant brush, manual work could be faster.

Among the advantages of paint guns, it is worth noting:

  • very easy to use the equipment;
  • the ability to control the intensity of paint application;
  • uniform surface finish;
  • no brush marks;
  • reduction of time for all works;
  • hides cracks and scratches on the surface.

Separately, it is worth noting that paint guns are a universal tool. In the DealerShop, you will find models suitable for all materials, not just paint.

With a gun, you can paint not only the car’s body. The equipment is often used in repair work, for applying primers, glues, paints, and other substances. You can process the walls, paint the fence and furniture, and create a design in the room. Buying a paint gun will be a great decision to replace many tools.

How to Choose a Good Paint Gun

Choosing the right equipment for the quick and uniform painting of the car body is worth it. There are yes main types of paint guns:

  • HVLP.
  • LVLP.

The first type of tool is used most often. It allows you to work with large volumes at low pressure. There is a tool with a built-in compressor for home use, which will enable you to achieve the perfect coverage.

LVLPs require less air to operate. They minimize the loss of materials during spraying, which saves the amount of paint for processing.

The type of paint supply matters a lot. Gravity guns deliver materials at low pressure, which will significantly increase efficiency. The conventional feed options are more cumbersome. But they have a large paint container, so you don’t have to stop painting your car.

Choosing a paint gun with a wide spray is worth choosing to work with thick substances. The same models are selected for working with primers. Models with a small nozzle are often used for varnishes and one-phase paints with a metallic finish.

When choosing paint tools, pay attention to what materials it is compatible with. It is also worth checking whether there are replaceable nozzles and additional equipment. Thanks to this, you can do all the work with one paint gun and not buy different things.

Some Tips on How to Use Paint Guns

Before working with the paint gun, you must treat the surface carefully. Even if you have done all the preparatory work, cleaned the rust, and removed the old coating, no dust or dirt must be left on the body.

It would be best if you worked in a well-ventilated area. In sunny weather, painting the car can be done outside. Also, do not forget to use eye and respiratory protection so that particles of the material do not enter the body.

Before applying paint, you need to close all the extra parts with a special adhesive tape. Thanks to this, you can create straight lines and not worry that the material will get on details that do not need to be painted.